At Taipei station of Tokyo station and Hsinchu station get limited sisters tie-up Memorial limited IC card 1,000 pieces!


Taipei stationThe、1989 yearThe huge building was completed、
Chinese-style PalaceDecorated with a unique design that mimics the、Conspicuous, is presence.、Swaying palm trees。
Six floors above ground、4 basement floorsIn the structure、ExitNorth East-West and SouthEach set is.。
Also2 floorIs there a huge food court, gourmet venues are also popular。
Current、This station is in the conventionalLine of Taiwan Railway Administration (commonly known as:Taiwan Railway)Introduction、
Taiwan high speed rail (same-Taiwan high iron)AndTaipei MetroFor freshwater and plate South lines connecting station。
1The guests of the day、Approximately400 thousand peopleThe has reached、Boasts the largest in Taiwan。
Here you will、Bullet train and train and MRTService operates.


This time、Taipei main stationThe reason for visit、Of TaiwanHsinchu station (synchugian)AndTokyo stationShoemoneySisterAnd Memorial、
For the JapaneseThe limited publishedMRT commemorative IC cardIt is to apply for a。
1913 yearIn Taiwan started to operate theHsinchu stationAnd last year2014 DecemberTo100AnniversaryFaced withTokyo station
This two stations2015On February 12.The sister had。
both100Year tooThe historical buildings and、Neither、Architects to represent Japan at the timeThat is marginal。
As part of the PR、For the JapaneseTo、Click hereTaipei main station in1,000-Limited EditionOfMemorial cardIt is distributed free of charge。
Immediately、Let's go to the where to apply.


Taipei main stationOf the premises、6Is equivalent to floor atrium、In the open atmosphere of the magnificent。
Back at skylight、And bathed in natural light from the ceiling is、
The weather is nice,、Will be endowed with comfort in the warm sunshine。
A strange sight.、Taiwan people、A habit is to sit down anywhere?。
Because that is where your take on、I feel a little uncomfortable、Cleaning machine was moving from beginning to end for cleanliness has been kept as.


Beside the ticket office11-ContactAnd、On the right side12-ContactThere。


Here is12-Contact in、Taipei main stationIn a location that can be applied is only here。


HerePassportAnd present、Passport number and nameWrite and apply for。


There is also a Quaternary sense IC card limited edition 1000 copies * now shipping quit station。


Centennial wind flower century rotating motionThe memorabilia。
During the、In the Chinese languageHsinchu stationAndTokyo stationThe descriptions and、
Hsinchu stationAndTokyo stationThe decorated with illustrations of the stationQuaternary just in IC cardContains。
Here is、Northern Taipei MRT and railway、Can be used in busesEasycard (Yu Yu 卡)And、
It uses mainly in KaohsiungIPass (one 卡 Dori)The smilling and can choose either、
IPass (one 卡 Dori)But was not。
However,、When to visit Taipei next time in this、You charge to the card、MRTThe transfer would be smooth is。
Because of limited edition、The 勿体無kute might not work!
Now、Next in line、Hong Kong inMichelin one starsShop wonTaipei stationToBranchAnd stores、
Because the matrix is the subject day and night and I asked、Let us go there.

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