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"Mandarin Oriental Taipei"Club Deluxe RoomIn of even one reason very comfortable hotel has a well-stocked toiletries and accessories、We will introduce facilities and services。Before entering the room to stick a、Intercom。Used for fruits different in each room、And finishing with the hammered sheet metal formingKingdom of fruit in TaiwanHas symbol.



In the room、Each more space designer、The Interior has been decorated。And that paintings should hang on the wall if the rollers stop to hear、And invite you here to lean on purpose, without hanging in the living room of the home or of the atmosphere、In the designer's intention seems to have been so。You look good、Painting was fixed properly。Coordination with care over these details and meaning。In the end、Overkill or not、I think that さり気な and nice!


Leasing doorknobs




The commitment of small decorative items、Seen on the door of each。Bespoke tailored chic antique doorknobs、We are familiar with the wooden door fit。Eg Nov type and slider type、Tickles the mind women taking none, single lever type faucet knob lever handle type.






In the design such as drape、Fascinated by the suppleness, glittering chandeliers.、At night on the ceiling will make glitter and sparkle dream。Motif of bathroom lighting、Green light for bedside、Using clear branches do not disturb the screen stand。In simplicity and opulence、Welcome you in a warm light.


Leather case (on remote control)


To symbolize the Mandarin OrientalFanThe embossed mark with a chic leather case fits in just the size、TV remote control! Just made this for original products。When you are、In the Nice and soft fabric、Color is still decorated in ochre system.


We offer various cables



Beside the desk、Writing utensils、Stapler、Post-it notes、Correction tape、Stationery including clip becomes complete.、Ideal for business as well.



The shape of Taiwan voltage, frequency and power outlet、Japan and almost the same standard、Most things you can use electrical appliances in Japan。But during the、Power supply voltage and frequency、Depending on the shape of the outlet plug、There are unavailable, with care。Mandarin Oriental TaipeiMr. so、The outlet of JapanA-typeWith no problems、110-120V / 5 AIn the electrical product is available。That plug is not required would be helpful.


Control Panel

Lighting on/off switches and dimmers、And all the automatic operation of the curtain in the Control Panel click here。The up and down on the left、Adjust the brightness。Opening and closing the curtains will be right down。While I lay on the bed、Curtains can be helpful.


Near the entrance of the switch、Press when you want to ask the cleaning of the room "MAKE UP ROOM"Button、Clothes cleaning (charges apply) and Ironing Service (per stay for free up to 3 times) and valet box use cues to use when you want to use the room service "VALET"Button、When you want to enter into the "PRIVACY"Button、For the main power supply "MASTER"There is a button!



During your stay、If the clothing out cleaning (charges apply)、Fill out the order sheet located in the luggage storage drawer、Along with the clothing order sheet along with hangerValet boxIn the store during the。And、"VALET"Button, and presto。It is OK if you lit in red。Staff going on without having to meet、Outside of the room out of clothing in the valet box、Morning-pay day、Evening-is very useful because it comes during the night and finished。"VALET"If the button is lit Green、Signs have arrived and will be。By the way、If cleaning is not required, but wanted to ask only the iron、Club floor benefitsAs、1Iron free at times stay up to 3 timesTo be。Also、There is a shoe-cleaning service。Clothing materials prone to wrinkles and、It is great help service and shoes during a storm.


Wet bar





Taiwan's apparel brand "SHIATZY CHEN (Chinese:Summer form)"The maker"Thé Cha Cha (Cha-chate)"The tea brand, including、"I recover, illy (Illy)"The coffee maker、Mineral water、Electric Kettle、Cup also set、The always tasty tea-time。Rooms are well appointed and equipped with、Premium minibar wine "Village Louis Judd / Court de Beaune"In、Vodka "Grey Goose"、The Whiskey "Johnny Walker black label"、Jin "Bombay Sapphire"、Brandy "Hennessy VSOP"Such as、And the lineup is rich and soft drinks in the fridge。Taiwan's high-quality grocery store "PEKOE (PECO)"The most popular high-quality dried fruits and、"KETTLE BRAND (Kettle brand)"The potato chips etc、Snacks were selected。Also in the room and spend the night talking with her is fun.


Diptyque (diptych) shampoo & treatment-body SOAP


Diptyque (diptych) SOAP treatment cream

Born at Paris Saint-Germain "Diptyque (diptych)"Brand amenities。But the popular fragrance、Shampoo、Treatment with aroma is elegant!


Bath salts (lavender, eucalyptus and Juniper)

Bath salts is a three、Lavender and eucalyptus and JuniperProvides。Lavender's invitation to relax in autonomic nervous system balance、Eucalyptus is effective in the inflammation of the throat nose on cold and hay fever、Juniper has a detox effect and deodorant effect。By using the bath salts each fits your body for the day、1You can heal the journey tired of day ♪


Amenity goods

Combs and toothbrushes、But I think, shaving is where、Flooring tapesAndSewing setService is quite hard! The Colo Colo、Can be used to dust clothing、Sewing set、On the trip button is loose or helpful when you've gotten。Include a simple button can be used on a shirt、Thread than the main color is housed in six colors each passes into the hole of the needle in、It is possible to use immediately! Hope this is useful!



Than any hotel staff hold good of comfort slippers in、You want to go is (laughs)


Cinnamon almond 巧克力 (Cinnamon Covered Almonds)

Night、Back in the room and、And thanks for giving turndown service at night for bed、Side table "The Mandarin cake shop"ofCinnamon almond 巧克力 (Cinnamon Covered Almonds)They were placed。The almond and cinnamon powder sprinkled with plenty of adult chocolate taste。Including services from Nice hotels、You can enjoy a nice trip thanks to this attention。Now、Next in line、Cantonese cuisine of the hotel restaurant "M. Kinkaku YAGE"For lunch.

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Mandarin Oriental Taipei
Location:158 Dunhua North Road, Taipei 10548, Taiwan (10548-Taipei dunhua North Road 158-go)
TEL:+886 2 2715 6888


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8Regal building, built European-style looks good、Color of the East and the West、An elegant design that combines tradition and modern rooms boast of Taipei's largest。In the staff、Recommended hotels can stay here in the!

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