Mandarin Oriental Taipei French Brasserie-conscious "Café en de Trois"


"Mandarin Oriental Taipei"5 floorOn that day French sales "Café Café Un Deux Trois Anne de Troyes"The、The shop first opened "COCO"And that would have been、2014/11/1To has been renamed。A new name、Represents a space you can relax in the atmosphere of Parisian brasseries.


Soon, stores、A luxury perfume brand of Argentina "FUEGUIA (VGA) 1833"And sold custom formulated fragrances such as、Café en de TroyesAnd it's provides a flavor of the original。When in stimulate the sense of smell、In this fragrance to input to the brain、Memories in a restaurant here in a more sheltered from taste to remember!


"Café en de Trois original perfume"


In the shop、But already we are a fragrant soft again、To find the fragrance of your choice、On the bottle tested for olfactory Bohemia is provided so、Smelling (test olfactory) Let's try!


Provided in the shop 'Sweet Boutique suites boutique"Now、To purchase, you can enjoy coffee and pastries are available.


So cute wrapping、Will be happy to gift!




Tony ChiFashionable reading literary space design "PAGES"Now、Enjoy a world of classic and fashion magazine.、Is also available for purchase.

reason of life Chan-il Kim (Korea)

Korea artistChan-IL Kim.、2Week click here to stay、Decorated with works painted directly on the wall also points。The title of this "reason of life"。In addition、For the painting of four represents the four seasons enjoyed in here、Just like、Enjoy the atmosphere of a museum.




In the main dining Salon、You can enjoy French snacks and Asian gourmet、In the modern and relaxing and dining。And is compatible with the large number of 32 people private dining、You can take advantage of the meetings, as well as interacting with other friends and family.


Muscle Doo cloud cute artwork is impressive。Here is、Because it has become a regular guest room、As well as review、We will later we also use。Now、Next in line、Is the introduction of Mandarin Oriental Taipei breakfast!

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Mandarin Oriental Taipei
Location:158 Dunhua North Road, Taipei 10548, Taiwan (10548-Taipei dunhua North Road 158-go)
TEL:+886 2 2715 6888


Mandarin Oriental Taipei special
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8Regal building, built European-style looks good、Color of the East and the West、An elegant design that combines tradition and modern rooms boast of Taipei's largest。In the staff、Recommended hotels can stay here in the!

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