Let's get handout souvenirs in all Union benefits Center price folksy local supermarket!


Blue began as a local co-op supermarket signs marked "All Union benefits Center (chuanrienkhourychonsin)"Mr. a、Provides that community-based management、Products tailored to the daily lives of the Taiwan people are more、Cheapness of product selection and prices are established。Usage is Basic.、Are no different and the Japan super。Plastic bags is at an additional costNT $ 1 ~ (Japan yen and then around 3.9 yen ~)And will be。Credit cards are not accepted.


Interior is very simple、Staff is、Also categorize properly, and has become a visible array。Perishable foods、Although the interest is、Bypass is not a souvenir.


Gift suggestions (1) "to snack"


Gift suggestions (2) ingredients and seasonings、Gift ideas (3) Taiwan tea (tea bags).


High mountain oolong tea NT $ 100 (US $ 390)


Peanut paste NT $ 89 ($ 350)


Incense spicy almond Fingerling NT $ 89 ($ 350)

Speaking of Taiwan、Taiwan tea。Everyday tea bags on your various manufacturer's、Also within a reasonable、Loved all over the world1953Year foundedThe Taiwan tea brands 'Tennin tea (tenzinmeisha)"No doubt。Please choose your favorite tea。And、I think one Taiwan、Peanut。With plenty of peanutsPeanut pasteThe、Bread toasted and browned and fragrantly thick, tasty。The last snack、LeeKun's recommended 'Yorozu 歲 tiles" Of "Persimmon U.S. fruit incense spicy almond Fingerling"。In JapanPersimmon in、Here is、Contains a lot of peanuts and fish。This is、I just can't stop、Does not stop: (laughs) a bit richGourmet giftsOfTaiwan teaAndMullet roePineapple cakeToDry mangoAlso good、Take a small giftDole souvenirsAlso please come!。The folksy Super、The reluctant mind、With just a little rich assortment of Super red sign marked "Dinho"And it also is ideal for souvenirs。Now、Until late in theLeeSee Guide to、You could know the Taiwan situation a lot!Lee-Kun、Thank you (Xie Xie).

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