Giant Cretaceous shek was at "Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall" presidential achievement to commemorate the famous architecture


"Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall (kinenn Chung Cheng whether:Jongensinietn-Tan)"The aimMRTOfFreshwater Xinyi lineToChiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall stationIn the bus stop、5 ExitFrom o。While in town、Many parks and temples in Taiwan history and culture, has become a tourist attraction.


House drama Academy (National drama Academy -

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial HallTowards the right、Country house drama AcademyIt is。In the building of the Chinese palace style1985 yearIn the oppositeNational Home CenterHas been completed with。The architect、Designed by Maruyama hotelYangzhou Taku adultIn Mr、At the time of the74Hundred million YuanWhat was voted the budget、Decorated with Western State-of-the-art facilities appeared during the appearance of a pure Chinese、Part of the stage, sound, lighting and air conditioning companies Germany Netherlands contractor in bringing ocean technologies, architecture。1526SeatThe theater and has performed regular。観劇しなくてもカフェやレストランや書店が併設されているためそちらはチケット無しでもどなたでも入場し休憩することが可能です♪


National Taiwan democracy Memorial ParkOf the premises、2510,000 square metersAnd in the vast、整備が行き届いており中国式庭園や回廊があり観光名所でありながら市民の憩いの場所として親しまれています♪


House sound music Center (national music agency)

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial HallTowards the left side、House sound music CenterIt is。National Home 戲劇 hospitalThe same under the Chinese palace-style building in architectural design、Look for a star Theatre House,Royal PalaceAnd then、To house the sound music CenterEmpress PalaceAnd。2074SeatThe concert hall、Set up Asia's largest pipe organ。National Symphony OrchestraIs used as an exclusive band。Even without a ticket here、Admission to the CD shop and Cafe it is possible!


Large and optimal gate (freedom square gate)

Large and optimal gate (freedom square gate)The、Height 30 m、5Arches of portals and will。In the people's progressive party underTaiwan movementOf the impact、2007 yearThe "Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall' = 'Taiwan democracy Memorial Hall"To be renamed、Written on the entrance gate "Positive oonaka Itaru"In the Tablet 'Freedom square"The bridge will be sorted、Honor guard ceremony was stopped when there are。However,、The KMT's return to power was2009 yearThe、Once again the original "Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall"In the back、The name plate on the front gate "Freedom square"And that has been left intact。On this day、Unfortunately the main gate was being repaired、From Zhongshan South Road facing the gate to the Central ArchwayChiang Kai-shek Memorial HallSevere、Has become a great place for a photo!


Subject area about15000㎡The hugeChiang Kai-shek Memorial HallShowed up!


Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial HallThe、President of the Republic of China inChiang Kai-shekStealth1980 yearIs the Memorial Hall was completed.。Chiang Kai-shek Memorial HallThe "Chiang Kai-shek"Chiang Kai-shekThe real name is。Chiang Kai-shek Memorial HallThe roof of BeijingTemple of heaven styleAdopted by、Looks like a building overlooking the square pyramid of Egypt,、Unique design method is used。Upright and symbolizes vastnessWhite marbleAndBlue lapis lazuli or strawBeni花 are planted around the buildings were mainly、Image of the color scheme of the flag of the Republic of China。This is free、Equality、In a symbol of philanthropy、Unusual style is one of the landmarks in Taipei。The roof is、And getting in the Octagon "T. and t., Jin-love, Shin and righteousness and sum and flat"of8 TakHas symbol。Also designed to overlap character of "person" seen from the air, looks like reaching Heaven (reflection of the Chinese thought that Heavenly Union (heaven and man become one)) has been。The roof itself、Built and modelled on the Temple of heaven in Beijing、Blue lapis lazuli tile, which portion of the vertex is the Golden Orb roll structure。Double eaves in Chinese "Double rafters"And referred to as、Is this "double" seems "and" represents Chinese reconstruction and mainland recovery goal sound.


In the middle of the stairs and the front、Indicates that the King country (national symbol) "Your road"(In the traditional architecture of China、Used only in the Palace and the mausoleum temple shrine road) are other、3Layer by the stairsChiang Kai-shekAndRepublic of ChinaPositions of Wen "People's rights、Ethnic groups、Consumer"Represent the。Increases power up watch watch you up close enough、It is a breathtaking scenery!


On three sides of the temple、Granite (kakougann)Of the stairs84DanIs、Located in front of the stairs5DanAdd and89DanTo be for、Chiang Kai-shekThe age at death89Years of ageRepresent the。


In the middle there、Sat down in a ChairChiang Kai-shekThe statue is、On the wall at the rear top of the statue、In the political principles of the Republic "Ethics, democracy and science"That sentence explained the essence of the Wen has written。And on the base of the statue、Chiang Kai-shekThe words are written。


Morning 6: 30 amThanHonor guard (gijoutai)isChiang Kai-shek Memorial HallIn the occupation、During the day、Are you guarding on both sides of the statue。Honor guardChange of RiteThe、1Every time、10oclock、11oclock、12oclock、13oclock、14oclock、15oclock、16oclock、17And when you1Day 8 timesThe change of ritual has been、Honor guard ceremonyThe、Has become a specialty of the Taiwan tourism。Lee-KunConscriptionThe experience for、GuardIt is served as。1 change of Rite time、Hardly moving at all、Keep as much as possible even in the blink of an eye、She is tring、Is the man in the man who truly serve the nation! What a great、And look carefully、I have dressed up the same、Good sharpness in seconds what I guratsuite。15MinutesAs doneChange of RiteIn the brisk and brave marching one disorder such a、Will make the hearts of those who watch the hot!


"Cleared" at the top of the ceiling in the coat of arms emblem is depicted。



Chiang Kai-shek Memorial HallIn on the ground floor、Chiang Kai-shek's clothes、Literature、And display pictures、And the Museum exhibition rooms according to the Chiang Kai-shek's life or performance is divided into 11 units、More than 30000 books had centered on books related to Chiang Kai-shek's writings and his、150Equipped with facilities such as Chiang Kai-shek tertiary Memorial Library has housed books or periodicals。Floors to go out、Do not miss the grandeur of the grounds overlooking the stage。In one spared rain weather permitting、still、Will be great!


Within the premises、Savon jade art to entertain the children has started!


2Giving out a circle of rope between the branches、By using natural wind bigSavon jade artCreating。Start with small children、Is a delight and adults who won't miss a photo opportunity.


Chiang Kai-shek Memorial HallIn the area、Jobs include a history of the development of Taiwan modern medicine "Taiwan University Medical Museum"And、Visit also the imperial household of Japan, have "Taipei Guest House"、For Park conveys the modern history of Taiwan "228Peace Park"Even scattered、Taiwan history site is packed。Please visit the time allowed。Now、Weary and thirsty、Next in line、Of coffeeLeeGo to the cafe's best!

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Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

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