Spices and herbs、And herb-laden cuisine Thailand Thailand * 2013-10-closed


The first floor building along the Sumiyoshi Kaido red bean rice cake、Western's Hiroshi Matsumoto branch of Thailand restaurants 2 restaurants next to I would be there。Visited several times at lunch time but do not open a few more、Today was about to give up。Out through the front of the OPEN deck is hanging on the door of、I enter the store!。Name of the shop was "Thailand"。


Exotic exterior and interior are a substantial atmosphere、With its statue of the God in Thailand and posters in、6 counter seats、Size table seats 4 × 3,。This is was opened nine years ago of Thailand woman shopkeeper Mae shop in 2004.。The original、Mae was a Hairdresser in Thailand.、Cook also worked for the、Thailand restaurant is opened in Japan.。Click here for business lunch menu、Green Curry and Red Curry、And with rice as Tom Yam Kung, 840 Yen。


In Thailand and Japan Japanese and both written in the table menu table is placed.。


With photos so very easy、And have you how 60 different authentic Thailand cuisine types。


Gruhn Curry 840 Yen

That has been cooking since the beginning of the order、Does not look like a good way。Start with a paste of spices and herbs、Expands the scent in the store。It looks very clean - mix。Stand by the mellow sweetness of coconut milk flavor、It is a unique Curry taste various spices and vegetables spread out。The ingredients、chicken、Eggplant、Red bell pepper、Green pepper etc。


"Tom Yam Kung" 840 Yen

Thailand's leading soup。"Tom (ต้ม)"The Cook、"Yam (ยำ)"The mix、"Khun (กุ้ง)"The shrimp in、Is the Tom yum soup with shrimps。Herb Lemongrass and coriander、Ginger、Pepper、He got a PLA, such as、A distinctive soup of sour and spicy is very。


The ingredients、Shrimp、Onion、Shimeji mushrooms、Tomatoes, etc。Ingredients of spices and herbs and Ginger's effectiveness、Thought forehead sweat on every eat slowly。My boyfriend is soaked in the hot days of summer (lol)、Dare sweat plenty anyway it might be pleasant.


"Thai rice" set

Compared with the rice of Japan is not.。A grain of rice、No water was as smooth as、Will turn to the many juicy Thailand cuisine type。


Dessert "Lychee"


Top photos、Photos of 24-year-old woman shopkeeper Mae's。Your beautiful.。Middle、1972Will be in your 40-year-old, born in。Exactly in the year 2000 in Thailand on the marriage and her husband met Japanese in Japan has been since、Thailand will not return only once a year?。That seemed a little lonely life away from home、Thrown Thailand music on You Tube in the inside the country think. didn't seem that hard work。Mae、Good luck!.

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, red bean cakes 3-4-1 TEL:053-489-4715
Hours of operation:11:30-14:00 17:00To 22:00 Closed on Mondays:No regular holidays * 2013-10-closed

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, red bean mochi 3-4-1

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