The origin of Kanazawa Curry! Fun silver tray and topped with curry champion


Sumiyoshi Kaido along previously、China's deficit draws the eye in the building was broken on the site of Ms. dish incense and "cations-supported" I yellow signs "Curry champion"Mr.。Champion Curry has been popular for many years as the original "Kanazawa Curry"。Kanazawa Curry reportedly "who katsu Curry popularized" Maestro "Yoshikazu Tanaka.。As at the time a rare luxury Restaurant Curry、Has been provided, with Fried Pork cutlet topped with low price。After that、"Good, early and hearty, but also affordable" motto with the support of many young people, has been supplanted by the current。From many of our customers as the "champion's Curry is delicious" reputation is a good reason、As a Cook, the founder of leading knowledge base of the Western、And then start from there、It is now also taking their skills from。Hokuriku has been mainly opened 39 stores across the country。The day before thing Curry champions who Hamamatsu、2013In April, 18.。


Inside the red area is often look like、Are we growing appetite。The staff was also 4 people, very quick response。Purchased at ticket vending machines located at the entrance。At lunchtime in the limited edition "L katsu Curry" 100 yen cheaper and so convenient!


L Cascara 780 yen to 680 Yen pull the lunch is ¥ 100

Topped with cabbage and eye-catching champion Curry menu、Stainless steel equipment、And eat with a fork style。Hard old pork is very hard, and it's not a fork.、As became a style that remains the original champion Curry now。Also、Good thing considering the cost of stainless steel。It looks too clean and complement the Curry effect is incomparable.、Appetite。Taste and style、Is unique to this commitment.、It seems that is at the origin of the original Kanazawa Curry。That are raised along the United States PQA program (pork quality assurance program) using the original mating (pork) pig species。Low calorie American pork was low in fat and rich in vitamins and protein, nutrient balance very excellent food。The champion in this great American pork、Without that extra size cut non-pristine and offers。In addition to carefully selected high-quality Grasshopper powder、Guests can enjoy a taste of fragrant crispy bread crumbs from the "tonkatsu"。The curry sauce、Very nice rich spicy、It's possible to sweeten。I am happy and personally more spicy.。


Minicorokke Curry 580 Yen

Because the mini size is 200 g of rice、Female has the right size?。Two slick croquette topping。So standing in the table is the best choice。Out of order, and soon the time、They eat with plate Curry、Time not salaried people seem happy shop!

Champion Beach 松住 Gil's Curry
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku Sumiyoshi 2-2-16 TEL:053-412-2111
Hours of operation:11:00To 22:00 Closed on Mondays:Open every day

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku Sumiyoshi 2-2-16

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