Using spice India Kashmiri make local direct authentic Curry


To be located approximately 5 minutes by car from Jr Hamamatsu station aioi-Cho's specializes in authentic Indian curry "Kashmir Kashmir"And、Using local fresh spices、Rich while serving North Indian curries in mild flavor!

But Curry and rice at home makes good、Once in a while a full-fledged chewy naan bread alongside spicy Indian curry also eat。This restaurant is so much when suddenly my head(-Be ω-Isuzu)^☆
There was a open kitchen and spacious compared to other Indian curry shop、Is the staff.、Due to staff while India people Japan、Excellent customer service is smooth!

The menu is、chicken、Cellular automata、Vegetable、And variety of seafood、Spicy flavor is sweet and you can choose from 20 different levels until very hot!

This time the、Choose a main vegetable Curry vegetarian set (main care、Naan or rice、Common、Soft drinks) in order for "Saag paneer (spinach with homemade cheese Curry).、Another dish on its own butter chicken Masala (cooked with spices and butter deep tomato flavor) Nan with! Warm up yourself with in the Curry!

Nan、Choose from 9 types including plain、Offers baked piping hot! Its size will face bigger than big、Taste a little sweeter for at soft fluffy texture!

The choice was 10 spicy hotness、Like the spicy delicious food category.、Quite spicy! Still feel cold at night、Maybe you though-friendly sweet after-dinner drink Chai、Could warm the body core.









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