Asian fusion restaurants 'Restaurant Kelapa Kelapa 11/27 to new open!


Right across from the Richmond Hotel2014 11-27 (Thu)The Asian fusion restaurants that are open "Restaurant Kelapa Kelapa"And he's visited the pre-opening tasting。Here is、originally"And Yam"The sisters shop 'Soybean flour"Is it of site 'Cherry skewers' , 'AJI hot"Such as one group stores run"Color harmony Atrium Wasabi Wasabi"Mr. stocks has gone where it was。The owner of thisOgata KoichiroMr. aCo., fellowsOf the President、Located in town "Le paradis Le Paradis' , 'Japanese-style bars Black"、"KAGIAA CAFE cagiyacafe"And I'm including 6 food and beverage stores managed、Has been newly involved also。Kelapa,、Welcome to Bali chefs、Feel free to enjoy Asian cuisine and Italian、Provides a French fusion cuisine.


This renovated old houses、In the picturesque alleys through space、Is Avenue of retreat!


This is the entrance.。The House itself is old and、For renovation has been done over、Clean don't clean too much.


At the front counter of tiled。On the large sieve、Lined with fresh vegetable stock I'm sure that day will。Like Showa smells and nostalgia while also neatly decorated hand.


House floor plan well being reused?、Small private rooms and tables、Seats in the balcony of the Board、And Japanese-style tatami rooms are available、I feel the size, and depth is something of House!


Board room circled round table


Private tatami rooms


Entrance on the right table seats, 14 seats are。Lunch menu、Standard plate 1000 yen、Special plate 1500 Yen、3-course lunch 2000 yen (child set 600 Yen with)。All plans comes with soup of the day。This pasta and bread、And then use the organic production from wheat flour、Everything in the shop on 製麺、Is that bread stick Buri。This time the、Each received a press lunch course ¥ 2000 Asian and Western trails!


Asian courses 'salad'Used for many kinds of fresh vegetables、Will be simple with simple homemade dressing!


Daily soup offers all courses

The soup of the day of this day、Minestrone winter melon。Ginger is also included、Warm cheek was lumps is soup!


Asian course 'beefngoren'

And beefngoren、Nasi goreng、Mie Goreng, often eaten as Indonesia's home cooking。Rice noodle stir fry.、Lighter feeling than the MIE Goreng ate!


Asian courses "Coconut Curry shrimp、Vegetable Saute、Chicken with tomato sauce、Lamb Satay.

Asian courses main plate。A mild Curry with lots of coconut milk shrimp in Thailand rice、Sauteed Vegetables (spinach)、Chicken with tomato sauce、Lamb Satay is!


Western course "Aomori from snapper Carpaccio、Marinated mushroom and taro、Fish and potato brandade.

A good fresh red snapper Carpaccio、Served with sauce of fresh persimmons。And mushrooms was aroid is sticky and then marinated。The brandade、In the Landeck district of France southern dish and brandade、Is the so-called au gratin。Appetizer plate.、Is a sense of considerable volume.


Western courses with homemade breadServed with butter and homemade jams。


Western food course 'of the bacon and spinach cream ring in'

Even if only noodle I texture and dust。The cream is、Tender pasta, spinach is a mellow taste and.


Western course grille with aged pork

Pork shoulder with the aged will be moist and grilled with tomato sauce。Served with mashed potatoes.


Dessert of Asian and Western food course 'pumpkin cheese cake and fruitpound cake

The Asian and European courses、You can choose desserts or drinks。When I order a dessert、Drinks can be added at 200 yen。Dietary fiber with plenty of pumpkin with vegetables, dessert finishing with a sweet and healthy!


Drink "cappuccino with homemade roasted blend coffee

Ogata's own cappuccino milk whipped cream and owner in roasted coffee。Drinks in the course where you will find at an additional cost 200 yen is reasonable.


Later responded to the questionnaire of the tasting meal、Manager where you can enjoy your garden "Open-air bath"I had to watch in that it can be! (Surprise) here is the view from the bath.


Dissatisfied whatever chef can't shower several times in one day Tati will be、Also overlooking the garden with baths was at Ogata's desire, plus its installation even built it is (laughs) Buro?!


Store ManagerShimpei iwakawaWith Chef of the Balinese people and two-shot picture! With shoulder firmly in place, terms it looks good! Is considered from this open toward busy, good luck!

Restaurant Kerapa Kelapa
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, original Castle 216-20 TEL:053-596-9265
201411-27 (Thu) open!

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, original Castle 216-20

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