Authentic Thailand cuisine "Rattana' at 51 years of the 6th! While increased and members!


2010 June,In the Tieste 'Rattana"The、"Thai Rattana"Now open。”Rattana"And theCrystal ballOf that、”Rattana"TheCute womenMeans and。So heavy on the Buddhist term "Rattana"、It could not be used to serve liquor store, "Rattana"。The woman ownerNI palatMr. a、Sangam in the northern city of Chiang Mai from from the vane (Chiang Mai)、Rare in JapanChiang Mai foodSpecializes in the。Chiang Mai style sausage Siwa at her parent's home (round and round boobs and hoodlums hang around Chiang Mai sausage that) of because it was to a family business manufacturing and selling、Cock has made since I was a child so undoubtedly is of Siwa。The restaurant khundun NI palat, was once open in the city of Matsumoto、Popular stores so people come through from Tokyo over the weekend.。Have been away for a while、2009Since opening as a hobby in Thai festivals around、It got high popularity。Is an owner of the arm made matrix's most famous shops from around the country gathered in Yokohama Thai festivals especially during the more!


51Annual meetingThe Iwata inaugurated a member "Plain plastic industrial co., Ltd."The President inPlain toshinaoCum and Hamamatsu "Atsumi iron works co., Ltd."The President inAtsumi SoichiroAnd with our couples、51Year bornFrom±0. 3Said rules on takeovers、You came to me in the highest total was held at 12!51Annual meetingThe goals and objectives、51Year born±0. 3Of increasing the companion。And、Liven up food and beverage outlets are working hard with the young、Even the lively city to properly go to! That will continue to evolve and have a sense of mission. On this day、6th lectureIn summertime there in 1976,、Sweet and spicy dishes of authentic Thailand with stamina to go! And now we Rattana's on the first floor of the party。This time the、1Has become a meeting and bring a bottle of wine and enjoy the。Everyone individually or buy at your favorite wine shop, and is without any suffering a stunning lineup! In the food and beverage store owner "IZA CAFE coo-kai?"And the pizzeria"Pizzeria Attico! Pizzeria attico"OwnersTakehara XING QuaternaryWith 'Ristorante IL Marcampo Ristorante Il malcampo"The owner/chefYoshida, TakahiroThe Westend、Glass of wine for me and、Especially from the 興sann single opening to serve despite the private time、In a unique service business owners are extremely attentive Buri godsend! (Thanks! ) To 12 with 2 columns and nooks and cranny cannot be heard or was、There is in fact who love loud claims of individuality, is relieved (lol)


"CHANDON Chandon Blanc de Noir" America California

Luxury champagne! The world-famous champagne maker to maker Don Peri"Moet & Chandon"Company of California"Napa"Champagne method to get started in the(Bottle secondary fermentation way hatsu)Of rare items! In dinner of the White House(French Embassy)But Domaine Chandon has been adopted! The unusual Blanc de noir! Black currant is almost built from black grapes and black Berry nuances of a gem! Original、Blanc de noir red grapes Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier is used、By blended small amounts of Chardonnay、18After a maturation period of the month、Creates a depth of flavor.


"Khao man Gai (chicken on rice and chicken soup)" 1000 yen *2From the public upon reservation。

Fish LEONG and chicken dish served with secret sauce chicken。Thailand exclusively specializes in、It is produced only in the morning。I have reserved in advance and without breakfast because of alcohol。Cutlet plenty of garnish and steamed up chicken and liver。Like different food store for game sauce、Get into the habit of NI palat's special sauce is delicious!


"Kaijao (Thai-style fried eggs)" 600 yen

Classic home cooking Thailand who most feel the nostalgia。Fluffy out and enjoyed food, fried soft egg ingredients rich in。A soothing relief and where?、Will the eggs of the senses such as taste of home cooking in Japan。The people of Thailand、Nam PLA sauce it atop rice and eat it!


France "the LOHAN ROSSET BRUT roam-losset, Brut Champagne

Grape varieties:40% Pinot Noir、30% Pinot Meunier、30% Chardonnay。An abundant lather with a beautiful golden color and have a lasting。Pleasant aromas of fruit and flowers、Is a good balance of taste and elegant Champagne!


"Pat Boone pack (stir-fry of air-core greens)" 900 yen

In the finishing stretch with an intense fire Thailand-fried、Known as alias "Pavin Fidan (with spinach).。Go to Thailand、I'm in the stalls in the dark is about 3 m go up in flames because a spectacular dish! Rattana's time 1 m long and up to! (Surprise) torches with oyster sauce taste but、Unable to recreate this taste at home。And the crispy texture of the spinach is the best!


"Tote Man Kung (shrimp-filled fried of surimi)" 900 yen

In the fried saksakhuwahuwa shrimp paste and pork fat with homemade、Homemade so far seems less cooking recently。NI palat who is trial and error that led to the current style、Always delicious to be greedy NI palat's cuisine、It seems aimed at improving!


"Planta genet Brut 2009" Australia

Varieties:50% Pinot Noir、50% Chardonnay。Adopt Roppongi Club members high-quality fine sparkling! Compared to champagne、Best spark a spectacular presence。Do not ship only to limited building in West Australia's prestigious hidden gem in the phantom spark。Champagne bottle secondary fermentation。Mainly Pinot Noir so you can enjoy a good volume and a long lasting!


"Munamutokku (Butakata loin roast salad)" 1000 yen

Salad with sliced baked chunk shoulder roast。This is a recipe along with Tom Yam Kung Sila Rattana's pride。It's common, time-consuming because Thailand still thin steaks in the Pan, making a、According to tradition at Rattana's mass, steaks with charcoal, making how to make lump meat roasted in the oven, make a。Is to provide a touch of rare is so delicious、Many people bake better that Japan is so! I am rare, no problem! The next time (lol)、Nuanamtock (namtok cattle) also buy it it seems like you up!


"Tom Yam Kung (shrimp soup)" large 1500 Yen

Chicken soup broth with shrimp paste、Coconut milk flavored with plenty of Rattana, I recommended specialties。In the South-East Asian countries、Does not value the broth strongly seasoned seasoning so it seems tend、Make NI palat's Tom Yum Goong、Use-based chicken soup made the effort.、And shrimp.、Is the best Tom Yum Goong miracle in addition made by the secret proportion of paste and coconut milk (the golden ratio).


"Vincent Girardin Emotion Bourgogne Chardonnay 2010"

The Burgundy Vincent Girardin is! "I was so affordable,、Can send a wide range outstanding wine Burgundy producer and negociant does not know。"And、Robert Parker Jr... He also rave Chardonnay。Relaxed, delicate fruit flavours and elegant acidity toned finish is impressive!


"Pattogapao (fried rice topped herbs)" 900 yen

Stir fry with gapao (Holy Basil)。Chicken、Pig、Or you can choose in the shellfish、This is a chicken.。On the menu、On the dinner set (fried printed)、Also ordered a side dish on the liquor only in。But is likely to instead gapao if the Hora par (sweet basil)、And I used the Hamamatsu industrial gapao。Good Basil flavor, perfect for enjoying the sweet summer is a knob!


"Saiua (handmade Chiang Mai sausage)" 100g 600 円

One chef was born into the House of Siwa。Feel the pangs of spicy seasoning、And effective herbs such as lemongrass and Kaffir lime leaves、Makes her unique sausages。In NI palat's first specialty、Especially from Thailand are popular。With friends in the city "Sabai Sabai"San"Sarakhamisarn"And it also is provided! Niparatt says、Thailand restaurant in Hamamatsu don't (laughs)


"Knot Sancerre la bound 2010" France Loire

Sauvignon Blanc's magician "Pinot Noir involved。A charming wine is smooth and elegant。In recent years、Loire wines to the world known Pascal Jolivet was damp。Build a drawer tasteful wine best Sauvignon Blanc characteristics、Is a virtuoso of Loire。1982Since、While the young producers that started making wine、 Prepared to be dealt with at the Michelin-starred restaurant of、Early in the show。His motto is "“Challenge of Natural!”。As a result、Pascal Jolivet wine、Infinitely pure, clear flavors stuck to "remain a natural" wines.


"Yamuunsen (vermicelli salad)" 900 yen

The order because it previously received flowers jellyfish salad, which was delicious.、Couldn't make it, the fewer jellyfish、Us put a little flower jelly fish salad of the same sober。This is a spicy salad perfect for a hot time。Recommended flower of jellyfish and touch the best in、Taste also get into the habit。Flower jelly fish salad、It was staring preference NI palat's more delicious would like、And ended up with bleeding big service 1 dish and ingredients alone.


¥ 1,200 'knobounsen (steamed rice noodle with shrimp).

Soup dip is a noodle dish herself down.。Opened the lid standing fragrance、Color of the shrimp are very beautiful! But after pretty much asked for food.、With a light spring rain Tulln and the throat better eat it!


"Chateau-Cape Bern gasket n 2006 ' France Bordeaux

Grape varieties:60% Cabernet Sauvignon、30% Merlot、10% Cabernet franc。Located just south of the village of Saint-Estèphe meijyou Karon Ségur owned Chateau。Feel fine tannins and fruit flavor to balance good taste in wine.


¥ 900 "Rapkay (shredded chicken salad).

With the smell of cilantro makes offer­ings dash! Are neatly made chicken salad、It is also wrapped in a yurt, eat delicious!


See infer Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Aparthotel 2009 Maramiero "Italy Abruzzo

Grape varieties:Montepulciano 100%。And the popularity of Abruzzo is the Prime producer of malamiero、One Winery is based in Abruzzo, Pescara Abruzzo。Adopted BREW House who knows Abruzzo Romeo taravorelli、The cultivation of grapes has a reputation that biodynamic farming expert Leonello Allegro directed by high-quality wines。"Infer = hell"The impact with the name is intense, though etiquette like represent a burning hell! Yoshida-Kun with a wine selection、Hot guys (lol) thick, dense black fruits and tobacco、Vanilla、Complex aromas of coffee, etc.。A perfect balance between sweet and sour tartness reminiscent of rich fruity taste is warm with raspberry jam。Aftertaste is rich tasting lasts forever、No shade from the extraction and no negative snagged the part、Masterpiece wine Montepulciano even when tired.


"Khun Pat Nan prick Pao (The Karamiso of shrimp fried)" 1200 yen

香bashisa alcohol with shrimp and rice each other better with strong spicy flavor and aroma、One person after another addictive! Seems that the oyster flavor.


"Blaufränkisch 2012 moric" Austria Burgenland

Moritz wineries、Wine production region Burgenland is a region located east of Austria in、It is a region heavily affected by the mild climate of Pannonia in Hungary。Red wine is popular in this region。High-quality varieties"Blaufränkisch"It is。No imitation of any region in the world、It is independent in 2001, Austria can be proud of in the world red wine and Brewery。All real processes conducts a Bremen verich, head even。But seeking finesse and elegance。Otaru、Do not use any new oak barrels。Non filter、Natural yeast fermentation。Strawberry、Cherry、Fruit of raspberry and violets flowers smell grass fills in charming。A fresh and fruity sourness is the taste Center、Very good balance between tannins and acidity、Spread soft, slightly spicy feel。The lingering longer evolve with time more complex flavor。And an elegant finish。This time、"WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER"The ownerTetsuya OnoAnd I to recommend is the wine!


This time、1Wanted by the wines he has selected people one at a time.、Is not taken。Feel hungry at all 13 bottles of wine! Take 1 Cup at a time this trend is fairly romp in feeling, such as along a little at a time! (Lol)


"Tom SEP (ox tail soup)" large 1500 Yen / 1,000 yen Elementary

Blended flavor to the spicy and sour soup。Put the rice also recommended。Seems to use the hormone in Thailand、At Rattana's、Experience further with the ox tail, deeply。But were you really like me、Don't type something like coconutTomyamper (fish and seafood soup)Also it is better late than never!


"Pepactoponcary (fried soft shell crab Curry) 1,500 yen

Fluffy the Curry is mild with crab meat and eggs。This Curry came in the form of current at Rattana's research to conduct research in the、In popular food、For this dish、Thailand's famous No. 1 restaurant "Somboon (Yat)"And I'm in from people who ate"Here are delicious!"And so called?!


"Sinhabiel" 500 yen

1933Born in Thailand in the year、Was admitted to the Royal historical premium beer。"Singha"And is that the lion in ancient mythology。Most are brewed from milking、Beer joined the distinctive and rich taste、Spicy flavor unique to Asian-style balanced。Tired of in 13 bottles of wine、Last 〆 drink beer! And the healthy you! (Lol)


"Prapatnammanheu (fried Oyster in Thailand) 1000 yen

Using a variety of ingredients.、Fit well with the rice dish。There are various seasonings Thailand、Mainstream stir-fried dishes are oyster and torch、It is not much used now once boasted the best PLA。Fried shrimp with spicy miso is an older type of cuisine。And so tasty fish we did not dare put torch。Ingredients by using the seasoning change subtly NI palat's skills! Make her wonder and Japanese taste taste is! I think really fits better Thailand cooking Japanese tongue!


Guiyang "Guiyang and come Yang (roasted young birds peaches and pork (any meat))] 800 yen、Come Jan 1000 yen

Received an order from、Seasoned the roast from the students。That will take some time to provide、It is a parrot's feelings is。Rattana's meat、Principle domestic meat uses、It's only after foreign。"If you go to Thailand is a combination of "after meat and rice" never should eat!"And、Kindly recommend! Want to try heads authentic taste is gone one day Thailand travel!


Total summer went on a family trip to Kyushu-Chan from、You get souvenirs! However,、All members became suddenly increase the number you like lack of minutes、Haste "Rock paper scissors tournament at gross's scramble for souvenirs!"And 相成rimashita! (Lol)


Plain-Kun in the very lucky and I won the rock paper scissors、Fine gettin out of the most delicious drink and souvenir! Akune, Kagoshima Prefecture "Whole dried to travel"It was dry Sardines marinated in oil! (My joy) her husband lost the rock paper scissors、Typical sweets of the Kumamoto "Zhongyu captains"I have been sharing! Total-CHAN、Thank thank! Is it ever look through your article, I think、Eat well drink better?! (Amazing) next51Annual meetingThe、9-23 (Tue).And will、Where is Fukuroi always work better in the 51 years of the handsome Prince and 興sann are popular Cafe "IZA CAFE coo-kai?"And I'm in is a decision! Delegation from the Fukuroi wow... this time Secretary Hirano-Kun、And I、If we get? I will have a place to stay? (Hehe) future、51Year ± 3-born in、Also with the purpose of this meeting are of particular interest are applicants!! Rattana's、Feast we did!

Thai Rattana
Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku inception 677-5 TEL:053-523-7233
Closed on Mondays:Monday's opening hours:11:00-14:30 17:00To 22:30

677 -5 incipient Kita-ku, Hamamatsu City

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