A Thailand-Laos cooking 'sarakhamisarn' carry-on beverages! Reasonable social gathering!


Then left the road in front of one of red bean mochi from Hamamatsu station, Sumiyoshi Higashi-guchi route to a T-intersection、Eye-catching yellow sign in the name of deficit still more exotic emotional feeling at Thailand and Lao cuisine "Sarakham ISAN"Mr.。And marry Japanese men who were doing the cooking school teacher in、Opened the Thailand food specialty store here。But Windows is a storefront to shop because it couldnt go inside of the first been reluctant because it is、Ratings are pretty good, and once for lunch ask is an。That in our couple's recently hooked on Thailand cooking、So like ethnic food and I told some friends and his wife friend husband and wife immediately responded to、Decided to guide you。When、Some sisters that you heard "you want to join us! "With that voice、Result was to testify in a 6.


The dinner is open from 5 pm。Even on weekdays, reservation required popular shops here will。18At the time of booking flights with counter、Next to the table was reserved seating。Shop、Counter front、Has small table seats 10 seats。Fascinated by the hustle and bustle this weeknight shop.、It is the great prosperous Buri! Certainly this menu is、Affordable pricing in 700-800 yen is mainstream and、It may be a popular secret fact that what drinks are all free! This time、Decided that sparkling wines and white wine and beer!


"Chandon Brut summer bottle" (bring wine)

Name jyouji of wine in Australia's coolest climates known Victoria Yarra Valley、1986The MOET et Chandon company was founded in、Premium fruit that produced the CHANDON sparkling wine (Shandon)。Straw greenish colour with fine bubbles last longer is characterized CHANDON BRUT (Chandon Brut)、Flowers of citrus and PEAR、This produces a soft fragrant fresh fruit flavors of Nectarine dry while long lingering finish。And this bottle、Summer summer bottles。In the design a bottle of fresh marine stripe image owaranai Natsu、Using traditional variety "Chardonnay" and "Pinot Noir" premium sparkling wine in a toast is.


Samarcodinert my friends have summer bottle, pours and matching bottle cover and fine、I begged a photo。Then a gay friend husband.、Thumbs up our appeal and triumphant (lol)


"Pacbnfeydern" 892 Yen

Thailand vegetable "Pak ban"。Originally a "spinach" and known in Japan with Chinese vegetables。From that stems are hollow is known as spinach。And is the favorite of Thailand、That fit well with the Japanese vegetables in stir fry!


"Som Tam" 892 yen

Northeast Thailand and、Laos cuisine。SOM Tum in Thailand language。Tambahan in Lao language.。Good crunchy texture with ripe papaya salad in my、Sour taste will let me improve appetite.


"Tomuyankun" 735 yen

Coriander in vivid color and appetite。And Tom Yam Kung、One of the world's top three soups。Tom Yam paste and Baker (ginger), Takai (lemon grass), by by Mackle (Orange leaf) flavour and aroma.。There are a variety of styles by store、Tom Yam Kung I've ever had in one punch, delicious。And a quirks、A distinctive sour taste too strong.、Inviting after drinking and drinking 堪rimasen。Is also because there is a deep skillet is sharing little in the six volumes of fine!


"Ineditto" (bring-your-own beer)

Spain 3 star restaurant 'El Bulli' Chef and、Sommelier davit of the Sikhs, as the team jointly developed with the beer master's dam "Estrella Damm.、The only beer made for "El Bulli" restaurant。And "indict"、In Spain, "no precedent" for any。Water in the raw、Barley malt、Wheat、Hop、Coriander、Orange peel、Using yeast、Brewed with Lager and white beer brewing method。 Due to special BREW、Appearance in slightly murky、Delicate aroma。First of all after the nose aromas of fruit and flowers、Feel reminds sweet spice scented with the fragrance of fresh yeast。Lather is creamy and soft、Delicate。It is refreshing, long finish with soft body。And beer instead of wine in the affluent、So enjoy the aroma、Basically instead of beer and glass of wine with good。More glass good carton.、Douglas had brought 10 was marginal (lol)


"Saiu~a Chiang Mai sausage" 892 yen

In Chiang Mai、Chiang Mai sausage named "Sila" are。The "Sila"、With a spicy seasoning、Working with herbs such as lemongrass and Kaffir lime leaves are a unique taste and flavor and delicious。The poor people are perhaps in the balance of spices and herbs、1 in the form like it is!


"Tote Manpura" 892 yen

Thailand-style deep-fried fish, the deep fried。The order Board menu new menu "shrimp spring rolls deep fried.、Wrong、It seems had come out here was written under。But it was busy in、Without saying anything with spicy chili sauce, delicious! (laughs)


"Gaiyan" 735 yen

Northeast Thailand (aka Ethan region) cuisine。Laos culture fried chicken is seared chicken。It will accompany the chili sauce。Go swill beer, lightly spicy so it!


"Gran Monte spring Chenin Blanc 2010" versus white (bring-your-own wine)

In Thailand astounded that wine made by the、This chenin Blanc 100% Thailand white wine。Asokvarat located 200 km northeast of Bangkok, Khao Yai National Park, this family-run Winery。The mild climate of the 350 m above sea level、Creates an elegant wine。This is、A fresh white wine brewed a batch of free-run juice of chenin Blanc sur lie technique。Thailand's top winery superior quality。Color light green tinged with fresh fruit taste、In the mineral rich, and spicy nuances、Wine in Thailand and I think this is a surprise!


"Sukey" 735 yen

Familiar Tisch。In the sense that "Thailand-style Sukiyaki"、Also called "Thailand-style Shabu Shabu"、Unlike the Sukiyaki style Japan。One pot cooking of Thailand。Still will be riding addon and coriander。Friends wife cilantro like I coriander temashita (lol)


"Cao read" 735 Yen

Rice's "Khao"、"Swish" FRY、"Aka" seems to mean shrimp。Is the so-called "ebiurehan"。Helpful and unique Thailand seasoning、A sweet and spicy and a little later is a pull the taste!


Green Curry ramen 450 Yen

Ramen noodles used make the Green Curry。So a reasonable、Finish your drink I think good。Also made this dish many beverages be brought with it、Amazing bargain and delicious dinner.。Compare with friends and his wife know the local evaluation、"How food is close to the local taste"?。Recommended shops for wishes on Thailand cuisine you like。Because it hasn't come out crispy and speed、Party ends sooner than expected、It was a fun night to return party of tea into the home.

Sarakamu Isan
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, red bean rice cake 2-14-2 TEL:080-3633-4347
Hours of operation:11:30-14:00 17:00-23:00 Closed on Mondays:No regular holidays

Pine Creek District City small cake 2-14-2

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