'Sarakhamisarn' is authentic Thailand restaurant Tom Yam Kung soup three great world becomes a habit.


Then left the road in front of one of red bean mochi from Hamamatsu station, Sumiyoshi Higashi-guchi route to a T-intersection、Ms. eye-catching yellow sign in the name of deficit still more exotic emotional feeling at Thailand and Lao cuisine "sarakham ISAN.。And marry Japanese men who were doing the cooking school teacher in、Opened the Thailand food specialty store here。But Windows is it first are hesitant to shop in-store appearance is not suggesting because it is、Ratings are pretty good to hear so、Today's hooked on Thailand cuisine nowadays we、We decided to visit here without hesitation! (note:Parking is behind the shops.、On the side is not)


Lunch is open until 2 pm。1When you were around half the、Pleasantly welcomed by the clerk。Shop、Counter front、Has small table seats 10 seats。According to the menu this menu is、Affordable pricing in 700-800 yen is mainstream。And、Would you believe it! Bringing drinks are free! (Surprised) I think is no. 1, Thailand beer I ordered in the shop.


"Cao read" 735 Yen

Rice's "Khao"、"Swish" FRY、"Aka" seems to mean shrimp。Gave the Clerk to say "ebiurehan."。Helpful and unique Thailand seasoning、A sweet and spicy and a little later is a pull the taste!


Tom Yang Kun 735 Yen

Coriander in vivid color and appetite。And Tom Yam Kung、One of the world's top three soups。Tom Yam paste and Baker (ginger), Takai (lemon grass), by by Mackle (Orange leaf) flavour and aroma.。There are a variety of styles by store、Staff 1-punch in the Tom Yam Kung I've ever had and it is delicious! And a quirks、A distinctive sour taste too strong.、Inviting after drinking or drinking in mouth Small saucepan too deep because volume is there to say no!


"Minced, pet, Guy" 892 Yen

In Thailand style chicken Red Curry with coconut milk is finished in spicy or mild。Rice will be in different order。


Thailand rice 210 Yen

Added to for curry rice。Smooth and pliable Curry in Thailand rice is。Thailand restaurant a few points there in Hamamatsu、Personally so far is ranked # 1 in stores。The body warms up in the popular Thai Curry spice、Let's get over the summer, lowering the body temperature a lot of sweat!

Sarakamu Isan
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, red bean rice cake 2-14-2 TEL:080-3633-4347
Hours of operation:11:30-14:00 17:00-23:00 Closed on Mondays:No regular holidays

Pine Creek District City small cake 2-14-2

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