30Authentic Curry spices over India and Nepal Curry handy


"India Nepal Curry Herndi" where chefs from India and Nepal can taste authentic curry from India and Nepal, which is a 2-minute walk east of The Kitasei Junior High School bus stop in First Life Town。Here is、I went in the place where "Kamana" used to be" without being there.、It seems to have reached the third year as early as opening♪


Shop、Counter 5 seats、It is a small shop with four people x 2 table seats.。In the kitchen in front of the counter、You can see the tandoor kettle that a real nan is burnt.。Here you will、30There are more than ten kinds of curry made with more than one kind of spice.、At lunchtime、You are free to refill nan and rice.。What is lunch curry for a day?、Small salad、Today's Curry、Rice or Nan、It is a good price with a drink and 799 yen♪


Owner chef Indra Mani Sharman (right)、Since I came to Japan、It's been 15 years.、I can speak Japanese very much, so i don't have any problem with ordering or questioning.。Prior to、I've been a chef in Kyushu for a few years.、10Since I moved to Hamamatsu about a year ago,、He had been the main chef in "Sarasaya" in Yurinoki-dori in the city for a long time. After that、3independent about a year ago、It is said that this shop was opened.。Sous-chef Netra Lal Ramichane (left)、It's been a year since I came to Japan, so I can hardly speak Japanese.。If there's something i don't understand at the store、Please talk to the owner, Mani♪


"Mini Salad" for Lunch Set

It smells spicy.、The dressing is mild and sweet.、You can enjoy the cabbage♪


Daily curry "Chicken and taname curry" (hotness can be selected from 5 stages) 799 yen

Mild curry with soft chicken and lick。The hotness、5I chose stages three and five.。It seems that the relatively spicy is suitable for the Japanese.、Even the MAX 5 will feel unsatisfactory for those who like spicy things.。Of course、It seems to be possible if it asks for more pain sand♪



50Nan sized more than cm、It has a solid taste.。Because it is the size which cannot be eaten very much、I was allowed to take the rest with me♪



The size of the rice which was piled up beautifully is big size, too! Because the spirit of service is strong、It seems to be pleased by the students of the large eating♪


Set of drinks "Oolong Tea and Cola"

I was talking to Mani, the owner chef.、It seems not to be able to return to the family in the home country easily recently.、You haven't seen your wife or your children.。Keep your shops thriving、It would be nice if you could go to see your beloved family.。You guys、In summer, dishes such as plain noodles and chilled Chinese food are also good for cool.、Healthy stomach action and increased appetite、There is an effect of the digestion promotion、Best for the prevention of summer bate、It is pleasant to eat a real curry with a lot of spices and to sweat a lot♪

1257-1 Mesei-cho, Kita-ku, Hamamatsu-shi TEL:053-488-4027
Hours of operation:11:00-14:30 17:00-21:30 Closed on Mondays:Monday

1257-1, Mesei-cho, Kita-ku, Hamamatsu City

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