"Die Lion Museum" in 1923, founded red brick warehouses for renovation


Osaka's Minato-ku coast through the nearly 100-year history with the red brick warehouse "GLION GROUP"Running"Gerry on Museum GLION MUSEUM "to the reborn、It is 6/2015 that bounced back again!

And the GLION MUSEUM、Classic car historic conservation and Museum exhibits.

Legacy modernization and use of red brick warehouses, high-value of their old good buildings、The back alleys of old London and New York are reproduced、The on-site classic Cafe "CAFE1923] And Hawaii Waikiki Steak House "Hy & # 8217s; s Hawaii(Hy's Steak House) "of would be Japan's first sister restaurant"GLION STEAK HOUSE(Die lion steak)"Also features、As well as classic car lovers、Beyond it, as a date spot for couples to suggest a location.

The entrance ticket、A red "Chevrolet / Chevy 3100" tow camper-trailers "Airstream" and welcomes you!

First of all,、From a parked car home "MASERATI Quattroporte" parking in the red brick warehouse into the Museum!

"Co., Ltd. Kimoto," this time in the company's Vice PresidentMajestic 宮定 (Takehiro Miyasada)Is going to introduce you、General plant manager hamamoto Shinobu and Ueda Satoshi world's staff will guide!

1923Site area of 3,000 square meters was built by the Sumitomo warehouse (0/1923) in red brick warehouse request from the city of Osaka, renovated、So precious views of the red-brick and reinforced with steel、Sometimes it was try to leave as much as possible the vestiges of a bygone era、Now,、Often used as a film and video filming it!

In it、So let's to the Museum!











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