Offered through 'size and Gorges"dream bridge with dimensions of approximately 90 minutes and Gorge promenade


21Japan wants to leave a century Basho、Elected as new Japan tourist "Dimensions and Gorges"The landscape and nature。Each dyed red and yellow leaves in autumn、During the dynamic nature you can enjoy delicate facial that leaves。The best time to visit、Every year, late in October to early DecemberHas been and is currently2014Year 11 midThe status color、At its peakNow。In the Valley of the river of the Oi River tributaries、Views of many mountains deep quiet valley、"Dimension or Valley"。From the dimension or Onsen area、Views of the mountains while walking around、1Round about90MinutesThe way to enjoy "Dimensions and Gorges promenade"The trail in、Across the top of the artificial lake was dammed in OMA dam located at the foot of the Southern Alps、90 m in length 8 mThe suspension bridge "Bridge of dreams"Enjoy the view from。On this day、From Hamamatsu SA smart interchange take the No. 2 Tomei、Kawane towards North, get off at Shimada。Sunday may、River ride towards the Sun and Gorge from around the town of tourists and traffic jams will be。From the down fast with Navi、That assistance will arrive approximately one hour、Still cannot avoid traffic congestion during the season。But、On winding mountain roads is skinny leg、One alternate wayTo become、Latency is caused.、Even more time consuming。In fact、Took 2 hours times the arrival。Bring lunch and warm mushroom soup、Along the way what not worried、The withers、Have the spare time and mind、Note 10-minute toilet at a convenience store before mountain roads and water supplies such as。Although the fall、To feel the chill of considerable mountain、We recommend warm clothing and walking will be going with easy-to-shoes。Hot Springs parking lot seems to have free or paid their check。Access is not just any car。From Kanaya Station Senzu Station、Runs approximately 1 hour 10 minutesSL (steam locomotive)To take the、After that、Dimension or gorges Onsen busTo transfer、In addition to one hour。On the way to the dimension known as the Mystic Valley and Gorges to enjoy in a way which is up to you!




In the dimension or gorges Onsen、Colorful train line ran in the past will come to meet you。Has been scrapped and will be on display、It is possible that taking on senior driving and seat。And at hot springs district、Enjoy a meal or、Inside lined with traditional shops with local products、Relatively new shop "SHOP & CAFE postage、Hammock CAFE postage"Mr.。Quaint is a renovated old House, built、Time flows、Guests can enjoy a delicious coffee!




On this day、So vaguely under cold climate is cloudy、Is like selling hot meals such as oden and sweet!




Is a journey-enjoy approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes walk from the entrance and isthmus promenade departure。On the way、"Bridge of dreams' , 'Flying Dragon bridge"、And "Ozaki Hill lookout", And then go through、Enjoy the splendor of the landscape of mountainous wilderness in and let's。Bridge of dreamsTo the approximately1.4kmWith guidance and、Makes approximately 20 minutes away on foot.


At scenic points、How to raise a smart phone or your favorite camera is very visible。納memashou unexploited opportunities.




Before the tunnel on the way to the bridge of dreamsJapanese incense House of Heaven (Lav)Because、It is safe。Tend to puddle in the tunnel for、Note feet muddy and slippery.




While enjoying a slow shooting、Is finally arriving at the entrance to the bridge of dreams。In the right handRiver (OMA Dam Lake)We see! (Blue boobs! ) Down the stairs、Head to the bridge.


Look on the left handBridge of dreamsIt is。Across the top of the artificial lake was dammed in OMA dam located at the foot of the Southern Alps、Length 90 m height 8 m suspension bridge。


The bridge of dreams、Cross only up to 10 people at a time will not。As a result、Holiday season would be matrix is、You will not be bothered waiting, rapt in the beauty of the Lake next to the.


River (OMA Dam Lake)The blue of the water is impressive and、Boasts emerald green and sucked it。Actually,、This water will show through to the bottom, transparent, clean water, and、Originally、Almost no water does not contain particles of pure water is colorless transparent、In the case of very pure water the small particles、But because of short wavelength blue light reflected、The long-wavelength red light is absorbed。The phenomenon isTyndall effectTo say、Click hereRiver (OMA Dam Lake)However, the same phenomenon is happening。That subtly change colors every day、You will also enjoy its beauty and good.




Many picture in the middle of the bridge、Current altitude column, and ahead of us、Finally our turn has come。And stepping on the foot of a bridge、I feel quite guratsuki。Open arms、Please note that insecurity instead of rope both ends of wire without。On the way、Start youth group is Fusako while bridge was swinging freely,。To because there's such a childish that adults really so well... is amazing。However,、Is 怒鳴re to guard security to crack down on Daddy, I quit。While keeping the right distance small children who have been so、Manor is what you want to protect.。There was also an accident such a short、Look under the、Calm the mind to be healed in the blueness of the stunning lagoon Lake。Slowly sucked good wilderness air included deep breathing。Opens a magnificent view of the mountain if you look!


Don't forget your photo in the middle of the bridge。Tourist information site、It was written has been with the young woman in the middle of the bridge to pray for love and dreams come true、Young womenArea only and not laugh too much (laughs) quarrel follows or charm believed Act so、She wants to bear love to try that!




Bridge of dreams could trip usually is、On weekends and during peak tourist season、On the other hand has become a one-way street。And once they cross、Then the road、304-also continued to climb steep stairs、Quite costly in the heart and physique。Has been warned in advance at the entrance to cautionary、No confidence in the strength and weaker legs、Let's cross the bridge of dreams。It is pretty hard while taking a break at one gulp gulp up the stairs。100Dan、200Number of columns to be knee were、Fierce heart pound and sound、On the way、I got pulled back to (laughs) but still、At your own pace without giving up the only forward the track、That want to cut up the Viva! Celebrated the exhilaration Max! Is a rocky path ahead always waiting the pleasure!


View from cut up as views overlooking bridge of dreams。304-indeed、The height of the ITA is not (laughs)




On the other hand, you want to avoid suspension bridge after passage of dream evil 304 stairs、Flying Dragon bridgeTo go even better。Nothing is more...。From here views can be enjoyed fully!


Burning autumn season nearing its body still show up in the big mountain potslipotsri。




ladeThe camera is1DXAnd1D MarkIII.Of the two systems become、Husband as well as to become familiar with the camera two、Each camera is studying。Still against the power of the camera、Enable the arm to each other is not.、Still1DXThe colors reflect those of magnesium per day。This also good views、I looking for good subject and let me do my arms every day.


Just below the dimension and Gorges promenade courseDimensions and Gorges Sandals stone Park (until I takyou peas in a pod, ishiko quasi National Park)Park said that there are。Is the water park was built and children fun feel free to play。View autumn leaves about the most helpful here.


View this year's autumn leaves about、Or will you go?

Dimensions and Gorges
Shizuoka Prefecture zuiunzan River City hot springs

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