National treasure statues "kotokuin Temple, Kamakura great Buddha" Kamakura's only! Big Buddha statue celebrates the overwhelming power of the kotokuin Temple

Temple of the Jodo sect in the historic town of Kamakura hase "Kamakura great Buddha kotokuin Temple (Kamakura Daibutsu)(The official name:Large different bowler hospital clean fountain Temple) "on about、Only Kamakura national treasure statues see Buddha (official name:Bronze Amida Nyorai) "admission!

"Kōtoku-in"The main gate,、NIO guardian statues (kongorikishi image)"Moreover documenting mountain"mountain high"raised"Deva"he met with ferocious appeared as a guardian!

Are wood parquet、2011Part of the dais and the head is damaged during the earthquake in eastern Japan、Repair work has started with Agata、2014Sometimes that just finished the repair work in the spring of the year、Enshrined in the God figure now brightly colored!

Just inside the gate and ticket office on the left hand because、Admission here.:Adults (junior high school students and older) 200 yen is paid、I'll have to visit!

At the ticket counter of hand Hall water to both cleanse and、When it comes、To the idol!

Under a sky turned sunny in "Kamakura Daibutsu (official name:Bronze Amida Nyorai) "!

1252Buddha at age 2, was built over a period of around 10 years since has been nicknamed "Buddha" or "hase Buddha"!

What you see is to attract all、Including the pedestal h 13.35 m、11.312 metres the Buddha high.、仏体 weight is what! 121 t &、Boasts an overwhelming presence!

Indus in smoke big censer was put to the big Buddha、To now walk just around the corner!

Eyes with visitors、Watch gently little eyes the cool mind eye、With a shapely nose nose、Tied to the gentle mouth、Reaching to the shoulders as a respectable fukumimi! I'm fascinated and will to watch more!

From that originally was a gilded statue、When lit by the setting sun、You will understand, the cheek area looks Golden and slightly?

Hand in the mark phase there are 9 types of Amida Buddha was the highest "raw elegance on mark (joubonn-Shoin)" we tied。In the combination of the Buddha with the same wheel, enjoyed the photo!


"Kamakura and include be as Buddha dwelt Natsuki stand in you're beautiful?"
And will give Yosano Akiko among poets、That of Kamakura Daibutsu sang "you're beautiful" and is famous for its、Beside the temple, Mizuki is a statue just behind the monument being built!
The song Street、And look up at the image of the Buddha、Dignified MOC、Refreshing your face treacherous and the heat of the early summer seems very handsome!
However,、Buddha is Western pure land of the Buddha ', "Amitabha Buddha" for、Come out to the song "Buddha" is not so!

But according to the Azuma-Kagami was built in 1238, was the first wooden、1252Enshrined in the great Hall, built in the bronze statues of the current。However,、Due to repeated natural disasters it collapsed the daibutsuden、We become of current sculpted!

Buddha once lay in the huge great Buddha Hall.、You can visit know the situation at that time by the cornerstone was left around the perimeter.

Go to the rear and、And make the columns at the reception desk of the diverging、Pay the admission fee (elementary school students and over) 20、Can be a valuable experience to visit the womb cavity is the Buddha!

The window was open a broad-minded back slightly hunched over and which can be taken to、Built upon a cast at that time to eliminate for and medium-sized、Plays the role of skylights to diverging now!

Is known as one of Japan's three great Buddhas 'Buddha'、And to compare its size and also Japan's three great Buddhas in Todai-ji Temple, Buddha NARA todaiji Temple Daibutsu Buddha only slightly beyond.、On this day、Sometimes too much and sunny、On this bright spring time、Take a relaxed impression of nature combined with Buddha!

The Buddha at Kamakura will lead to paradise、As a symbol of Ancient Kamakura、Under the blue sky again today、Watching me many visitors! Namu Amida butsu.

Kamakura great Buddha kotokuin Temple
Location:Kanagawa Ken Kamakura Mayor Valley 4-Chome 2-28,
Lighthouse:4January-9 January (8:00-17:30-、10January-March (8:00-17:00-
Admission fee:Adults (junior high school students and older) 200 yen、Elementary school students 150 yen
Admission inside of the statue:Extra 20 yen per person
Parking lot:Paid parking in the area

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