All ages Kamakura "Kamakura kokinshu' Japanese and Western coexisting Maisonette suite

Born in the historic town of Kamakura "Kamakura Kokin(Kamakura Cocon) ",、1Day two will be sitting for a limited revival hotel!

The accommodation for、101And only two rooms of ancient and modern Maisonette suite (88 m²) of the room, and warehouse Maisonette suites (82 square meters) of room 102、Subjected to renovation while taking advantage of both the historic Japanese style、Japan garden from a different angle, pleasant atmosphere and damp!

We watched the in room 101 of the room this time we were indebted to another all ages Maisonette suite (88 m²)!

The floor plan、Living room with kitchenette on the ground floor with Japanese and Western。

Micro bubble bath where you can enjoy 24-hour bathroom。

2Japanese-style rooms overlooking the garden on the floor feeling of openness。

Twin bed room the promise sound sleep、1Next to f/2 F toilet (2 locations)、Attention similar to room 102 equipment also is made available!

Rooms are either four up on and stay、1In a pleasant atmosphere different from the floor on the second floor as the family trip available!

101Room, especially on the second floor nice view from the window、Carroll trees shimmering in the Taisho glass feeling quiet time you recommend!

Finish checkout、According to ManagerMATSUMIYA, Daisuke (Daisuke Matsumiya)With a photo! Take care now!


MATSUMIYA, which already motivated for new projects、Unbelievably interesting prospects、It is also up to have more fun!
"Kamakura Kokin"Getting started"Sakura co., Ltd. succeeded"The、Also celebrated a new era to Reiwa from March this year.、So that will be a big success!

"Kamakura Kokin"In the time of stay、And release both physical and mental、Mind as a place to settle down、You could spend quite so much like as if I went to the Villa! Everyone please visit us!

All ages Kamakura (Kamakura Cocon)
Address:Kanagawa Ken Kamakura Shi Nikaido 836
TEL:0467-81-4435(Phone hours:9:00To 18:00-

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