"Kamakura kokinshu' collection Room Makeover! Kamakura Kokin Maisonette suite

Born in the historic town of Kamakura "Kamakura Kokin(Kamakura Cocon) ",、1Day two pairs will be limited revival hotel!

The accommodation for、101And only two rooms of ancient and modern Maisonette suite (88 m²) of the room, and warehouse Maisonette suites (82 square meters) of room 102、While taking advantage of both the historic Japanese style decorated with renovation、Japan garden from a different angle, pleasantness and damp!

This time we will take care of、It is a Kura Maisonette suites (82 square meters) of room 102, renovation of existing!

After you have completed the check-in、According to ManagerMATSUMIYA, Daisuke (Daisuke Matsumiya)And I'm on will show the room!
At the designed rooms each room open.。Because it is not auto-lock locks!

Kyoto traditions everywhere in Dubai with Chinese paper doors and sliding doors、Beautiful decoration a Royal atmosphere、From the natural paints natural soft gu風 to feel! However、Because where the ceiling is low only age era of the original、Avoid bumping the head is a tall need attention! (My husband and 181 cm tall)

Spread out in front of first floor rooms、Stretch legs loose、8 tatami for relaxation relaxing while enjoying views of the garden.

Wooden hangers including in the closet in a full-length mirror closet、In addition to all ages original yukata and Cape and tabi provides set big diffrence、Security box is also located here.

In the alcove、CalliGrapher is active world-wideOkuma Yuko (Yuko Hayashi Okuma)And it's is decorated、"Iroha song" the Silhoutte to shed tears but also deep meaning。

"Iroha NI HO to as Nuru
Waka yotare its always a MI
And business administration heard today
Asaki and Yoshie hide unpuzzled. "

There was a kitchenette in between the Japanese-style room and warehouse space、Drinks provided in the fridge in the kitchen under (beer、6 seeds, soft drinks etc) is all will be free!

Established a coffee Espresso machine、Tea is three (citron tea is this:、Cherry green tea、Black tea) for providing a healthy tea。The electric kettle、Has furnished the BALMUDA The Pot!

Living space with Japanese and Western warehouse was repainted in beautiful entrance to spread.、2For floor to ceiling renovated、Have a sense of openness about beauty and in the warehouse!

Space furniture items such as door of feeling was built at that time, Japanese face to peek even simple modern design "TIME & STYLE"For incorporating a spacious couch & Ottoman、The fusion of Japanese and Western provides a heated swimming pool in the living room!

And decorated with black and white photos on the walls、Here operate plantations of vegetables of the French nature of the protagonists "Restaurant bio-s(Restaurant BIOS) "owner'sKazuhiro matsuki (Kazuhiro Matsuki)Her photos were shot in、PV production from earlier Exchange with Mr. MATSUMIYA matsuki's appeared on the official website also has been in charge of that! Had planned to just go diet BIOS with a friend early next month for、伺etara matsuki's creative process, such as!

Here are equipped with free Wi-Fi、It is possible and private Concierge in a telephone Handy bit noisy outside the room will corresponds in 24-hour call!

Also、CD or DVD of the film、Equipped with AI speakers even better acoustic "Harman Kardon (Harman Kardon)" with "Alexa (Alexa). in addition to the books-ALLURE (ARIA)、"Alexa! Jazz music! "、"Alexa! Raise the volume! "Such as the attendants to meet me.、There are also essential to our life style BGM! The thing is to try a little bit away from attendants tried、Properly respond to good things!

Is the bathroom beside the powder room with sliding doors made of glass liberating.、Delicate frothing milk offers 24-hour happy micro bubble bath beauty and health!

At the moment keep water temperature 42 ° C a setting and、No hot water during bath time comfortable at any time without having to hold limited!

And provide a toilet in the back、For here is a toilet at the entrance、2No relationship of give-and-take in the toilet where it is possible to use!

The drawer dryer started.、There was a staff、What is base item Botanicals and skin-friendly has been adopted!

2In-floor twin room、Under the slogan”The Quality Sleep”Listed in the "airweave(Airweave) "compacted bedding mats, promises high-quality sleep at top speed!

The elation can spend in variety was still housed the treasure of a lovely collection actually utilized in old House Hotel、This is a right given only to stay!

With sliding doors opening to garden herself while、Brewed tea at the table with the flowers blooming in the garden、The indulgent until dinner time enjoy quiet time to spend!

Lacquer carving of shading and depth、"Bori" feel the warmth of the wood item is provided in the key point key point is giving a nice!

As muntins craftsmanship's Taisho glass shimmering landscapes and then have、Felt for the 163-year-old history、In a room surrounded by quaint townhouse such as away of、Adult lodging while feeling the loose time both be healed mentally and physically "Kamakura Kokin」!

All ages Kamakura (Kamakura Cocon)
Address:Kanagawa Ken Kamakura Shi Nikaido 836
TEL:0467-81-4435(Phone hours:9:00To 18:00-

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