135 book stretches to Milan Cathedral of Milan symbolizes Gothic church spires and Golden Madonna statue


The Cathedral in the heart of the city of Milan、Duomo (Duomo di Milano Italy, Duomo di Mirano)。500It is built over the years, Milan's leading Gothic church。And the Gothic、12-In the architectural style in the 16th century in Europe that had flourished after the painting across artistic disciplines, such as interior affects。This church is、Than flying stained-glass windows of many buildings to support the beam (tobibari) and the heavens extending 135 spires (nested), that feature can be seen。On the highest steeple、Citizen's iconic love goddess、The Golden Madonna statue enshrined。Impressive appearance has significantly expanded both arms to defend the city of Milan。The sculptures of Saints about 3,500 bodies also carved on the pillars and walls、Every different look that even from the atmosphere, are depicted in real。


That is a splendid façades gleaming white was stained in exhaust gases、2004Restoration work began in、2008In the autumn of the year has returned to traditional beauty。Construction of the Duomo is 1386.。Request of the Lord Archbishop Antonio da Saluzzo and Milan's Jean Galeazzo Visconti、Will be built for the dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary。However,、Construction was interrupted several times due to repeated wars.、By order of Napoleon invaded Italy、1813It is in last year completed。A large door in the Middle、1908From wooden to bronze replaced in、By Ludovico poliarnie、The life of the Blessed Virgin Mary、The New Testament was drawn、Learn history vividly caught the lower-left portion of the scene。The creation of Eve is watched in relief over the central door。Now、Let us see inside。An entrance to baggage inspection as a security check.、Large pieces of luggage and backpacks which prevents、Not allowed if you entrust。Revealing clothes are so good in the winter、Keep your mind summer light。By the way the men's hats is NG、Women's hats is OK。Guide it says、It is because she is wearing a hat she is beautiful and that is!


Inside the nave of the five、Transept、In the apse is configured、The main altar in the Center、One of the Santa Maria Maggiore Church age。Will be overwhelmed by a huge 52 pillars at a statue and solemn。


The stained-glass Windows decorate the side of the building、One of the features of the Cathedral。Who are depicted in brilliant、Light light that shines through in vivid colors lifted reflects。


In the development of techniques of stained-glass Windows、Be drawn too complex、Like picture books as facilitator of that era.。


Created on behalf of a half-circle was once head of pointed arches, Cathedral arches and always、Made to the position at which it looks、High ceilings、It is showing the wider space。


On the side of the corridor、Has contributed to the development of the Church of saints are buried。While not to be missed is、Grave of Jean Giacomo Medici。Leone Leoni is said to be affected to a great deal of Michelangelo's works。


Glass for、Is wearing gorgeous costumes in our bodies。Calm surrounded by many people as being watched over?、Or even not unclear or noisy in the other world and I also。


Enjoy the interior decor、No only is not。Oh yes its paintings are exhibited。


Alight from the stage of the at a red light、It is when Christ was crucified in nails。Pellegrini design supported by four pillars of FORNIX's inside look、Tiberio。Lombard、Or early is also referred to as Romanesque Milan、Form often seen in architectural style developed in the Lombardy region of Northern Italy。And rose window of the apse in the back。Is floating in the Center is a symbol of the Sun。The high altar is in the choir、Pipe organ located aside。The basement of the Cathedral、Roman ruins or treasure vault、The Holy Ark containing the remains of the Saint is the patron saint of Milan Carlo Borromeo is also paid are available。


This right hand glass、It is located within the Cathedral bookshop。Describes the Duomo and books and materials、Sold as memorabilia collectibles。


The equestrian statue of Vittorio and Emanuele II reigned in the Piazza del Duomo、Located in front of the Duomo to watch what。Now、Now that the morning's sightseeing、Is the introduction of the Italian restaurant is guided on a tour next time!

Duomo Milan Cathedral Milan
Location:Cathedral Square, Milano, Italy TEL:+39 02 7202 2656
Church:7:00To 18:45,During the summer:Thursday-Sunday-20:10
Roof hatch:9:00To 18:10(Elevator:€ 12, stairs:€ 7)

Cathedral Square, Milano, Italy

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