Beautiful Italy one cross type arcade "Vittorio Emanuele II Galleria


Italy's leading opera, La Scala (Teatro alla Scala Teatro Alla Scala or La Scala La Scala)。This place was originally built by the Church of Santa Maria della Scala.、It was built on the site and was called The Scala.。1776- Two years in 1778、It was built on the design of Giuseppe Piermarini, who was appointed by Maria Theresa, the Austrian empress who ruled Milan at the time.。During World War II、Milan was greatly destroyed in the bombing by allied aircraft in 1943, when it was under the Salo regime、Since the end of the fighting on the European front was repaired afterwards、Rebuilt on May 11, 1946, just a year later、It's resuming with a concert conducted by Toscanini.。


And in front of The Scala, in Skala Square。In the center is a statue of Leonardo da Vinci.、In the background of the statue is the Palazzo Marino, which is now milan's city hall.。


1872made by Pietro Mani in、Leonardo da Vinci's 30-year-old came to Milan as a model.。It's surrounded to protect Leonardo da Vinci.、4Statues of the Disciples of man。


From the opposite north exit to Piazza duomo, you enter The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II of Vittorio Emanuele II。


This cross-shaped arcade is the most beautiful in Italy、If you go straight to the center from any entrance、It goes out to the high center of the ceiling where the arcade of east and west and north intersects.。1865- A building of high historical value built in 1872、It is called "Galleria of Vittorio Emanuele II" in honor of the King of Italy at the time.。I was in charge of designing Galleria.、An architect named Giuseppe Mengoni。He was on the day before the Gallia inauguration ceremony.、Unfortunately, he fell from the scaffolding of the construction site and died.。In Japan、I design the world bazaar of Tokyo Disneyland modeled after this beautiful arcade.。


The cross-shaped arcade in the center is covered with a glass dome.、The four frescoes at the top are the subject of four goddesses.、Europe、Asia、Africa、United States、Representing four continents from east to west。


This is an Asian fresco.、Chinese are depicted。


And in the four-story arcade,、And elegant stores ranging from haute couture stores to bookstores、Gucci、Prada、Luxury fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton、Restaurant、Cafe、The bar is a sophisticated shopping arcade.。By the way, the skirt of the alligator skin that the body which is decorated in the show window of prada head office of this place is wearing、The guide says it's worth 8.3 million yen. (Surprise)


Now、There's another interesting one in the middle.。Galleria floors are spread with beautiful mosaic tiles、The coat of arms of each state in Italy is also painted.、The most famous of them、A mosaic of bulls surrounded by blue tiles、It's the coat of arms of Turin.。


The coat of arms here is、Since Turin became the capital of the Kingdom of Italy temporarily became the center of Italian unity、It is said that there is a good thing when the heel is applied to the center of the coat of arms (the point of the bull) and it turns one.、Including many tourists、Businessman on the commute、Local citizens, such as local housewives who lowered shopping bags, seem to be actively trying。1about a few thousand people a day、When there are many, 10,000 people seem to step around the same place.、Therefore, a big hole is opened in the emergency part black.。It seems to repair it regularly, but it does not catch up(laughs)


It's a legend, but when good things come、I'll take it around, too.。What we believe in is saved.


The appearance of the people relaxing on the terrace of the restaurant and café is graceful appearance.、It seems to make the mind enriched though it sees♪


This is the entrance from Duomo.、Vittorio Emanuele II will be the front gate of Galleria。So next time,、This is an introduction to Milan's iconic Gothic church Duomo♪

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
Location:Piazza Duomo, 20123 Milano, Italy TEL:+39 02 7740 4343

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