On Alitalia from Fiumicino Airport (Rome) connecting domestic flights to and from Linate Airport (Milan)


From Fiumicino Airport (Rome) and arrived safely around 19 o'clock、To this day in the hotel Linate Airport (Milan)、Moves the domestic lines Terminal in the transit of aircraft。11Italy earlier in the month,、Nights out cabin temperature is cold not、It was as cool in stall 1。I have been told Japan and almost same temperature、Hamamatsu wind is not strong:、Feel warm at all!


Take an unattended operation with international line West satellite and terminal as a means of transportation to the domestic terminal monorail "sky bridge"。At the same time many people are available、Sound inside the car is very comfortable, quiet monorail。Shake a little、Because it works like the Maglev what seems to。


Indeed、On this monorail Sri is not considered、Was clutching a lesportsac abroad alone, humbled in (laughs)


This is the baggage inspection。Hat、Jacket、Belt、Remove the metal、On the instructions of the Ministry of land, infrastructure and transport than in the other thick-soled shoes、Safety shoes、Will call off the decorations such as boots and metallic shoes, such as。From mobile phones and cameras in the baggage bag、put in the cage out of the iPad and other electronic equipment, read the。And himself also received the security check, if it is passable。


And immigration in Rome。As a result、Entry and exit stamps in passports will be in Rome。But tour operators says、Sometimes does not press the stamp and squid was Italy who said (surprise) is that only Italy it seems to be、Person who pushes the right this time is good (laughs)


So even at the airport can't afford in the time between connecting flights、No time for shopping。Try to stay in Milan on the last day, I.


In the airport、In Italy! Appeared a lovely bar will make you feel! Nice white wine or engage the tilted wine glasses beautiful Milanese (Milan women).


At the boarding gate B7 Alitalia "AZ 2058 flights' ticket and a passport, check in and check out。


Founded in 1947, after World War II、2009Alitalia, reborn as a fully privatized company。Hub airport, and Rome's Fiumicino airport、The aircraft is a green flag、White、Red colours and、Design A logo on the tail。It is bright green body line。Domestic flights as a "AZ 2058 flights"、From Rome to Milan。The flight time between the Linate (Milan)-Fiumicino (Rome)、1Time: 10 minutes。20Sometimes so half-Rome from Milan ringtone 21:40 going。Why not direct flights? Question was answered by tour operators.、Cheap plane tickets simply because it is in (laughs)、Transit, transit and extra flight is good fun and I get only us couple?!


Domestic flights so quickly reduce cabin、And the most covered with package tourists from Japan、Overseas feel zero is (laughs)


"Maschio Cantine Maschio Prosecco Brut'

Classic Italy Veneto rolling BDU field made from cultivated proseccobdou sparkling wine。There's a rich floral notes and the bright candied fruit flavors vibrant、A refreshing wine。Sparkling wine to order and came out here.


1Hours flight I really quickly that is between。"AZ 2058 flights' arrived safely at the Linate Airport (Milan)。


In front of the baggage receipt conveyor in cell.、Their、Receive her suitcase。Here tour operators who originated the word "sure no damage to suitcases! "With that。Words that you heard for the first time on the tour.。So、That it's just get treated to luggage with Italy。Can not recommend、Is Ke rose gone they may become the disclaimer about Choi wound of one place there is (surprise)、3If the non-repairable damage, such as a month over、Many airlines will ensure your peace of mind!


Up the good thing about tours and travel、Is that enough to transport。Linate airport is already tour buses will pick up because it was coming、Take the suitcase to deposit。At this point 22 is near、Located approximately 15 km away from the airport、Where to stay hotel on the first day。Introduction to hotel in Milan is next!

Alitalia Alitalia

In Rome – Fiumicino Roma-Fiumicino airport
Also known as:Leonardo da Vinci Airport Leonardo da Vinci Airport

Milano Linate Milano-Linate airport

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