The transit at Rome at the Alitalia flight from Narita Airport


Flights in Italy trip "Alitalia Alitalia"It is。Alitalia、In the airlines of Italy、Company name 'Alitalia' portmanteau 'ARI' means "wings" and "Italy" seems。If you sign up with a tour、Until about a week before travel、Undecided on what airlines go。This time、Italy airline that was lucky to go to Italy!


Alitalia operated flight "AZ 0785 flights" at Narita (Tokyo)-Fiumicino (Rome) during flight time、12Time 50 minutes。14At 10 minutes from Narita as Roma arrived at 19:00 going。So is from Rome on domestic flights to Milan transit。Because the aircraft is out of date、Unfortunately, recharging of mobile phones and personal computers becomes impossible。If it pushes down a seat legroom of economy is somewhat loose and you can build。This time the、So luckily it was packed with the best rear seat was a sheet without worrying about the beat、Could head in toilet also drink near the relatively easy!


Flights in everytime I。The guests through the flow of the clouds in the sky and deep blue clear sky、Beautiful beyond words、Followed by the time get lost for a while。


In-flight service is issued to stabilize aircraft in the skies。Men CA's Alitalia, is a dark handsome old (lol)


"CLASSICA" Italy cracker。Slightly salty with crunchy texture。


White wine

Soft drinks on board、Water (without gas,Gas and),Coffee,Tea,Cola,Include orange juice、Alcohol is beer and wine。"Bianco Bianco" is a white wine in Italy。In the cabin、Italy language or English is spoken。"White Wine"or"Bianco" and ask!


To verify the in-flight magazine Japan-Bill replacement of know what's in the movie?。You can monitor the、It is quite obvious Inflight Magazine。After you have verified、You do not get bored too long flight and enjoy movies and music in the cabin.。Even while enjoying the game。In flight、1Watch "Iron Man 3" published in 2013, but this guys is just。


Meals were brought to the middle of the film。If the original、Choose from Italian or Japanese.、A back row seat just to many a wish in front of Italian、No choice was the Japanese。Once you arrive to Italy for the time being not eat rice and I think Japanese food is correct but (laughs) what is、Teriyaki buri、Boiled food、Rice、Salad、Chicken meatballs、Pickles, etc.。Why is the staple rice but comes with bread。This bread is much stiffer and less amount of water so hard to eat.。Rice、During the warm up just around the container wouldn't help becoming hard of。I think it's better if you compare to some of the Switzerland aviation Japanese buckwheat noodles to eat。Switzerland's French staff say so、Think what you choose is hot!


Reflects the gradient at a beautiful dusk vaguely over the far horizon。In the cabin、Many may have to turn OFF power without using the mobile、Verbatim have to check flight status eliminates the sense of time。


Due to not work?、Not have my stomach too much.、Meals will also light meals (snacks)。Will Italy、Sandwiched the crusty bread with ham and cheese and lettuce sandwich。Better not expect bread、Cheese is usually。Than I thought the ham was delicious!


Women CA, of course.。Alitalia is、Singapore Airlines is the difference.、No uniform size regulations as Yunan later told a cabin attendant.、Seems to be popular busty women in Italy。It can't be、Me too...! (Lol)


And start showing dark sky views、The induced sleep, once dropping the cabin lighting。And even though transit、So time to get to Milan Italy will 23、So I fell asleep that night is worrying。Closed eyes a few times on lightly take a NAP。Time difference is really strange。Because the aircraft is very dry、You can sleep mask and lighten the burden of the throat。Would you bring the mobile mask。So in addition to dry eye contact、Bring bring that case to unscrew、It is recommended to substitute glasses。100Neck and shoulders hurt collapsible air pillows sold in yen shop to buy and bring to you!


Wake up and、3Times of meals were brought。Does not fit the pictures look so bad。Looking back later is also proportional to the appearance that (sweat)、Sandwich snacks may have been normal (lol) well、Well my flight, "AZ 0785 flights.、And arrived at Fiumicino (Rome)、Next in line would be connecting.

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