Train travel on United Airlines domestic flight from Salt Lake City International Airport to Provo


"Haneda Airport international passenger terminal /Haneda Airport International TerminalThan "、After approximately 1 hour and a half flight、"San Francisco International Airport (SFO)"At the" United Airlines (United) "The domestic line.、At approximately two hour flight "Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC)"To go!

Salt Lake City of Utah (Salt Lake City)、Latter-day Saints and religious city built by Christ Church (Mormon)、2002In "Winter Olympics (2002 Winter Olympics)" will be held!

Is located in Salt Lake City great salt "Lake (Great Salt Lake).、As the name suggests、Salinity of the water is 5-15% more than regular seawater、Person became the Lake floats、By the Sun's heat、Leave the salt, dried up part is desert called "Great Salt Lake desert.。Using the flat place、So car high speed testing is done in the course of "Bonneville Salt flats"!

And the views from the top of the empty spectacle、Lake、Desert、Had never seen mountains of the Rocky Mountains and the magnificent nature!

And arrived to see Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC)、UTA RAIL (Utah Transit Authority) train、"TRAX Green Line704" in transit to FrontRunner 750 in North Tample Bridge、Until the final Provo Central、Will be approximately 1 hour's leisurely train journey!

The train became the two-storey、Surrounded by magnificent nature scenery from the train window, is the perfect mood! On the way、Rare Japanese?、He hailed good local people。

"Where are you from?"And asked" I & # 8217s; m from Japan... "and answers、Atmosphere invites stimulating conversation from there。Even small children interested in foreigners?、True eyes got round the curious many。

Location and friendly service of the United States of America (United States of America) Utah (Utah)、In a friendly atmosphere、Feels the warmth of the people、Able to enjoy when you weave a natural healing!

As I set foot in the Provo Central station、It is located in front of the Rockies、There will be large and powerful city and close!
Reaching for the sky take a deep breath! Pleasant StreetProvo City

Madame kind was taking pictures of the couple! And one train and mountains become very Memorial in the background、I am overjoyed! Thank you so much!

So if you come to us tell Park City suggest.、I'll come at a later date. calm air、Provo City feels loose time! Now、Be indebted to the Guest House of Provo is long journey for the contract "Airbnb.。

On the station、Yoshi's Japanese met her through a friend in a big pickup truck came to the meet and greet、The luggage is a meal! In addition、Was going to buy food and water during their stay!

American supermarkets are thrilled by Big Size without the sense of size! Mineral water in leaf vegetables in tomato and carrot、As well as broccoli、Ham and sausage to pan、Cheese、Banana and yogurt、Tasty food for breakfast、Preparation of American life is everything! When it comes to the House!

Yoshi's、Thank you ♪ I ♪
We came to Provo,Utah.
We are planning to stay in Provo for a long time!
Provo is a very comfortable city to live in.




















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