1Future anniversary theme large botanical gardens, by the Bay.


Future is a large botanical garden themeGardens by the Bay gardens by the BayThe、2012OPEN in June and、Just celebrated its one-year anniversary。Bay Front Bayfront station is arrival in 5 minutes!


Supertree Grove Super tree grove can be verified from a distance。


Park is a free admission (some paid area included)、Theme as a unique form of futuristic buildings and more、You can observe the plants enjoy!


Supertree Grove Super tree Grove is looking up from the bottom、Is a giant tree of max 50 m。Pink around the steel part、The plant grows、Will this plant can grow steel parts eventually disappear、Close to a giant tree that is designed。Rail height 22 m drew round circle in the center of the tree、Suspension bridge called the "OCBC skyla"。Passable in the S $ 5 (Japan ¥ 400 Yen)、Views from the same tree is recommended to generous towards others.


While walking through the Park and looks in sight、In the sky pool 200 m above the ground on AB.MARINA BAY SANDS Marina Bay sandsIssued at a glance and face!


This is a Cloud Forest cloud forest pay facilities.。Is a dome reproduced only about 2.5% no bass and humid cloud forests in the tropical rainforests of the world。From about 35 m-high mountain is a huge artificial waterfall waterfall is magnificent! And the dome of the Dome Flower flower common ticket can be purchased at S $ 28 (2240 yen as Japan yen) ♪


Craft fine alligator chairs to sit alone, so exciting!


Giant ants climb tree be outdone even better would (laughs)


Relaxing and enjoying the views、Would be many couples relax。It is the best date spot!


Don't forget the two-shot of the Marina Bay sands and Super tree Grove.


Unexpected and surprising、And Dragonfly dragonfly is quite a performance!、He is my boyfriend! (Lol)


A huge pond spread out on the West side of the Park、Good Lake Dragonfly Dragon fly Lake、There are organisms living in water。This pond Dragon fly Bridge Street to the Park and the marinabeisands hotel tower 4F has become a bridge。Next in line、Let's Go to marinabeisands in front of!

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Gardens by the Bay gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay

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