"Cape of good hope" of the Cape Peninsula in South Africa to visit once


Hout Bey up after、Chapmans Peak drive along the coast to enjoy the lead views, while line、Head to the Cape of good hope.


In the protected natural area that inhabit wild animals around the Cape of good hope。Twilight here appeared suddenly on the side of the road are the animals、"Baboon Baboon monkey is。On the Cape Peninsula、400Inhabit the Baboon over。So wild、O目ni掛kareru whether or not depends on your luck.。So a clever monkey、That the danger of coming in, and if I open the window or what food there!


In the Ostrich ostrich reared up is just around the corner and watch、Once parked to the side of the road, looking down to the outside.


Ostrich ostriches are bred in large Rails、Divided by female and male。Animal's basic、Male is having beautiful hair you know do you?。Ostrich an ostrich is no exception。The male black hair color、Its beak is pink。Female has Brown wings。To protect this chick、Male mid-field with backgrounds of night、Metz is becoming a land of savanna and similar colors、Camouflage is known for。Ostrich has length 2 m、Weight 100 kg can。As the bird is the largest species on Earth。However,、The size of the brain as in the human eye、Weight 40 g。But not compared to the approximately 1,500 g man at large。The legs of the ostrich、But only two fingers of、Is that not a single nail。Effectively using fingers is one、Will be keeping with the fingers of the legs just the overall balance of the。Then it、It is a surprise because they can run at about 60 km/h!


Ostrich in herbivorous animals birds in long intestines (too omnivorous theory)、The ferment in the gut fiber quality horses。Also、Swallowing stones, lay on the stomach、Sometimes, by using a rubbing of a stone in a different suri潰su。If seeing an ostrich eating stone is good worry。


Immediately、I tried several giving weed was around。Not assume any delicious、Seemed to be the favorite。Gourmet and surprisingly it's may (laughs)


Who's here、Wild animals came down on the road、As does not give harm to people、Seems to block out leaving animals outside the fence to guards。


Ichiro goes to the Cape of good hope to CAPE OF GOOD HOPE the sign on your right。


The gate here with payment gimpp R80 (Japan Yen 800 yen) admission。


By driving around on the coast、Around one aspect is the nature park region in the world heritage site。


STOP!STOP!And they had parked in the Mervyn's was...! Wanted! Wild animals!


Wild Baboon (Baboon monkey) also appeared! (Inspirational) turns me on so much even in the Baboon.、I'd become a Safari experience with great excitement!


Well we arrived at the CAPE OF GOOD HOPE Cape of good hope。In order conducts photo tours too!


Remember everyone is speaking of South Africa Cape of good hope。Here is、To reach Portugal who voyage of Bartolomeu Dias、Because it was too rough stuff found around the Strait and the "Cape of storms" began to call it。After that、And renamed the Cape of good hope、1497In Vasco da Gama for the first time as the Cape of good hope Indian Ocean sea routes and has reached the。That is why from the height of popularity and the African continent's southernmost Cape of good hope.、The southernmost point of the actual、It is referring to a position to divide the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean at Cape a glass from the Cape Peninsula to the Southeast was 150 km。By the way、The Cape of good hope, CAPE OF GOOD HOPE in English。HOPE-hope。But it caught a "Cape of hope"、Real would be mistranslations of the "Cape of good hope"、Seems to be also a theory that has been established in Japan as wrong (lol)


A photo finish、Explore the big stone bad thug feet in。With rampant along the coast "kelp" was picked up。In Japan、Kelp are indispensable to the soup and cook.、In South Africa the kelp even food habits is no otherwise、Are seaweeds in the sea。So much trouble、I taste, into a tangle of South Africa。Umami taste flat, but it is hard (laughs)


After the Cape of good hope、The following goes to CAPE POINT Cape point can look at the Cape of good hope、Before that in this famous restaurant、Would you like to eat lunch first.

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CAPE POINT Cape point


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