Fresh vegetables and fruits、The organic food market market on the wharf


MARKET ON THE WHARF market on the wharfThe、The hottest market in Africa with fresh vegetables and fruits、And all sorts of carefully selected organic foods and food shops、Wednesday-Sunday week 5 days school gourmets of the sales market.


Organic food and fresh juices、Sweet waffles, jam and honey、Oyster、Cheese、Jerky、Hamburger, etc、Even stomach some one with enough (laughs) ranging from household pottery products and clothing in addition to sell, are here、Is popular with locals and tourists、Buzzing with activity during the day。9 in the morning's market:30To open the、Hours of operation are as follows.

Hours of operation:On Wednesdays、Thursdays、On Sundays:9:30 – 18:00、Friday、Saturday:9:30 – 19:30


It halted instinctively and I look that specializes in beef jerky。Beef is normally、Unusual in the ostrich the Ostrich (ostrich) or、There with the name hard Kudu (Kudu)。And Kudu、It is a bovine mammal that inhabits the savanna to the South Africa from Sudan、As the horns of the male are 1.2 m。Free samples for me and shop the Madam。In my personal impression、Kudu is a taste and smell compared to beef, get into the habit。Ostrich in red meat fat is less sweet is a healthy jerky as it is。The crusty chili pepper jerky、Ideal to accompany your beer。Only meat products、By not bringing to Japan to buy。Is like the jerky we want enjoy locally.


Here is、Concentrated in the sunlight of South Africa、Salt evaporation of salt field、Different types of olives、You can find many kinds of jam。None it is possible tasting!


Even sugar free dried fruit as well as various。Pineapple、Apricot、Mango、Apple、Fig、Prune、Cranberry、PEAR、Peach etc。None too hard、As a nice flavorful。Delicious fruit drink the Sun of South Africa it is because of the taste.


Even while enjoying a tasting hungry vacant、Burger shop ready to matrix's in attracted、I have chosen to buy.


"Chicken Chili pepper" R40 (Japan ¥ 400 Yen)

Until the griddle chicken breast with grilled eye roast and double-sided and、Along with onion and cucumber、Tomato、If along with the watercress on a bun sandwich-mayonnaise type sauce is completion。You wanted more mild flavor、Chicken was so healthy and delicious。This was on the final day souvenirs aimed at once again go to、At that time,、Moon、Because it could not be revisited on Tuesday knowing that holiday、It's only regret is。

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