V lined around the folk art&A Waterfront craft market * currently closed


V&A Waterfront Craft Market V&A Waterfront craft marketThe、Is a huge market and provide attention to detail quality handmade crafts crafts around, gathered more than 120 stalls.


Attract the eye with vibrant hues ornament、1Each place mat is woven by hand and、To cushion the bag。Animal design will stand out!


Postcard-sized decorative painting and watercolor、There's power in black and white、Hits only images drawn by none so delicate touch.


I might actually keep and drawing in painter's so entranced.


As the women enjoy shop、Traditional Ndebele beadwork makes delicate Ndebele manual accessories and jewelry is unique.


Speaking of South Africa daily health、Rooibos tea。100%Here you can buy organic。Dried fruit, cones and nuts、Many spicy things unique to Africa、It is very delicious!


Also giving out dyeing、1A handmade knitted traditional hilt one plants made of colorful cago bag。Vitamin color goes looking at how many hearts are attracted by。During the、Is also the primary colors woven telephone wire basket、Size variation is rich.


Long dresses of brilliant African colors such as costumes or dress to skirt、If size is very long, so a large、Adjustments on the fly on a sewing machine compensates is。In addition to、And like African animal shape intact woodwork、Organic products of cosmetics and SOAP using plants grown in the Republic of South Africa is so popular。In these places、So you can discount over the word and enjoy shopping might be better.

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V&A Waterfront Craft Market V&A Waterfront craft market Currently closed

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