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チャンギ国際空港とシンガポール航空が共同で運営している”Free Singapore Tour”は、1987年から開始され乗り継ぎ客向けに観光バスに乗ってシンガポール中心部(本島南端部)の代表的な観光スポットを巡るおよそ2時間程度の無料シンガポール・ツアーです。This time、時間の関係で参加できる夜間ツアーは、18時30分出発ですが予約した場所におよそ45分前の17時45分には集合しなければなりません団体行動は時間厳守が鉄則ですがその時間を守るのは日本人ぐらいでしょうか?(笑)




ツアーガイドさんの指示に従い一旦シンガポールに入国し観光バスへ向かいましょう入国や出国の手続きを1回経験しておけば次に個人で回る時も簡単ですねシンガポールは、Year-round warm temperatures and high humidity。Also cool in the airport、Over lukewarm like msimcidimedime will be struck if you go outside。For this reason、And the facility is climate-controlled, so cool rather than cold in、Health management is necessary, because the temperature difference between the outside strict self bring jacket or coat and。To sticky sweat、It would bring the sweat wiping sheets!


During the sightseeing bus、A multinational only by those who were around the word, is a tourist mood 1 color。


Sea tour buses at the Raffles place near Anderson bridge。


After briefing becomes once and dissolution、15Free minutes will be allowed。People who go to see Sir Raffles landing site monument、People go to the merlion Park to see the merlion and the various。15Since a short time minutes、Let's go to trot.


The view from the park overlooking the Singapore River。On this day、Suffered from forest fires in neighboring Indonesia's smoke、Reached the level of the last worst air pollution、According to the Singapore Environmental Agency (NEA)、21Day is 401 with "hazardous" air pollution index level was。So、21Day is exactly on this day.。Do you understand even a photograph、Marina Bay sands seem to be slow to mature has been MISTED。Here take the smog one side、Many people injure one's throat、There were many local people wear masks。


Descended to the merlion Park、Place is very crowded with tourists enjoying the photo mini merlion (laughs) first with the eyes。


And the merlion、At least one icon representing Singapore、Lion's head, lion recorded Murray's 11th century Chronicle、The tail of the fish symbolizes ancient city Temasek to mean sea。8.6 m、The statue weighs 70 t、2009Lightning each year、Seems the broken part of the mane and ears, such as the、Now restored to original appearance。However,、Real image is much smaller than I imagined。So capable of shooting from a variety of non-front angle、You might try playing with your perspective.


In the perspective taken in merlion from powerfully spitting out water of baptism or of such shots (lol)


15Minutes after、涼mimasu on the return bus to bus。Time is short、The merlion was able to photograph and。From the airport to the merlion Park taking a taxi in personal and、In one way it takes about 2500 Yen。Had the money in the local delicious food to eat、Enjoy shopping!。If you ride a subway or bus seats at reasonable prices。However,、Of the transit as the time of、This free tour is recommended。Night tour、I have been told you can enjoy the beautiful night view of the spread along the Marina Bay Marina Bay Singapore、Unfortunately time is the time just to not darken didn't stay all night long。However this trip flight、Thankfully my return flight and transfers、Since that day from early morning until the middle of the night round 1-day tour can、Would you like to enjoy a night on the last day.


Now、Take a walk through the airport to return to Changi International Airport, flight time is wide.

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