Transfer at once to the Singapore Changi International Airport


This Cape to the journey of flight is not non-stop flights and passengers transportation and transit。Transportation and transit is what? Who seems to be easy to explain。And transit、Once landed to refuel fuel and food、Once again means to fly towards a destination in the same plane。And transportation and、、Is that changing planes on the way。This transfer is thankfully、Because the flight on the midnight flight、It is possible to stay about nine hours in Singapore。If you have time it's、It was fun to travel, even after the airport once coming to Singapore。What a wonderful schedule。Changi International Airport、400More award-winning、100By providing service to more international airlines、Has been praised as the highest class in the world。Hub airport by working 24 hours.、Each duty free shops and massage or nearly open full-time in、Establishment and entertainment deck and garden you can admire the excellent、Wait times are very fun!


Changi International Airport is is vast 1.2.3 and three Terminal。As guests enjoy comfortable、There is every facility。Here is、Orchard garden in Terminal 2。Foxtail and rare plants trees、In the garden you display rocks and driftwood.、Colorful orchids and Singapore's national flower、Are in full bloom as well as Changi International Airport of their own flowers Dendrobium change!


Speaking of Singapore、The merlion。Lot includes a small merlion with sweets and souvenirs.


On the garden front、Enjoy free prints's corner is available、It is bring small children play.


Now、Because there is a PC in checked baggage、I think I'll check my once to light。Looking for maps in airports within EASY BAGY Left Baggage Service、Show me your Passport、If the size of a laptop bag for one S$3.00(Japan Yen about 240 yen), is very useful because you can leave one day.


If you are dropping off your baggage for transportation provided free Singapore tour you book a Free Singapore Tour。Transit passengers、Free Singapore tour about 2 hours aboard a tourist bus, the typical tourist spots in Singapore Centre (at the southern end of the island) are available。You can join them、Can only be a transit passenger is more than 5 hours ago the departure of the connecting flight。Fill out an application form and also submit your ticket and passport application is complete。2And operate 5 times in one day different tours、China heritage tours is four times、9oclock、11Time 30 minutes、14Time 30 minutes、16Is the departure time。Only once at the nighttime city lights tour、18When is a 30-minute departure。Will enjoy the old Singapore、Heritage tour of the day Heritage Tour。The latest spot in the Marina district,、A vast botanical gardens, by the Bay visits the Gardens by the Bay and the Marina Bay Sands (MBS) Marina Bay Sands。In addition、Giant Ferris wheel in the World Singapore flyer Singapore Flyer、Complex facilities Esplanade Esplanade roof mimics the durian is centered on the great theatre features – Theatres on the Bay、Classic symbol of Singapore tourist attraction merlion (from tourism)、Chalk around the vast square Padang Padang and lush green lawns, historic buildings surviving colonial-era district Civic District、Wellington financial center in Asia even a high-rise building in the heart of Singapore's current business activities Singapore River estuary South Central Business District、Chinatown、Little India to Little India nearby towns。The night-time tours、City Lights tour City Lights Tour。You can enjoy the beautiful night view of the spread along the Marina Bay Marina Bay Singapore、Get off at tourism in (promenade) Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade。In addition、Shoppers at Bugis Bugis、Famous Raffles Hotel Raffles Hotel, to return to the airport。In a tour bus Guide's I's will also announce in English。However,、Almost no free time as a tourist attraction until the airport piston SS。With only one visit to Singapore for the first time transfer is recommended for freezer.


Now、Freezer book you want、Let's have a meal at the food court in the airport。Singapore International State because I enjoy country food and various things.


"Laksa" S$7.90(Japan ¥ 640 yen)

And the laksa、One of the Peranakan dishes。Coconut milk、Chile、Has been seasoned, shrimp paste。At each、There are special Chile Sambal、Adjustment can be flavored rich in pangs of your choice。The ingredients、Fish Surimi、Shrimp、Shell、Chicken tenders、Bean sprouts、After the eggs like the sweetness of the coconut milk and Milky、I enjoy the unique flavor and a thick soup with spicy。Now、By the way I could have a meal、Join the freezer!

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Changi International Airport

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