Kamakura "Kamakura ages" ancient only 1 pair of high-quality lodging birth! Old houses from the Edo period

About an hour by train from central Tokyo、Has many historical monuments and venerable Temple、Journey in the history of Japan's ancient capital and to the UNESCO, in the Kanto region's leading tourist attractions and popular "Nippon adult trip"!

Away from the historic town of Kamakura city hustle and bustle、On a quiet residence area venerable Nikaido area、Have been passed down since the Edo period Minka full novation and、Just as a fine old House Hotel opened this year in 2019 January 7th "Kamakura Kokin(Kamakura Cocon) "to your stay!

10 minutes by car from Kamakura station.、Built by the Emperor Meiji "Kamakura shrine"From now and within a few minutes walking、We offer moments of relaxation you can enjoy along with the green mountains natural history!

Here is、To operate the restoration of old houses and hotels & restaurants "Sakura co., Ltd. succeeded"Became the No. 1 series launched as a brand now and then、While retaining the charm of the old house was built in 0/1855 (1855) built 163 years old full novation and、Minpaku new law limited sales and the 180-day 1, two pairs of limited private feeling old House Hotel!

And the overall in many pathways Kamakura、"Kamakura Kokin"Until the road is no exception。However,、My car "Maserati"The able to arrive safely in the Quattroporte、It seems most car problems no?!
Residents only parking lot 2 parking spots in front of the old House Hotel and、Flyers were open at the same time on an Italian Restaurant Cocon (restaurant now and then) provided the additional parking nearby!
Also、Hotel in Kamakura City (North is the Kita-Kamakura station、South is hase station.、Or within the range of the yuigahama Beach) from will stay safe for a free shuttle service is available by reservation!

Fine until of sunny 4 spring sunny to partly cloudy comfort felt a warm climate for this day.、Hamamatsu is approximately two hours at high speed、Retro further down the road "Enoshima electric railway"A crowded with many tourists along the coast to、In dazzling sunshine already reminiscent of early summer of great driving!

15 pm and the check-in time:00Pick up、Also in the management company representative Manager inMATSUMIYA, Daisuke (Daisuke Matsumiya)Let's you greeted with a smile!

Mr. MATSUMIYA、Toyama is also the home of her husband's "River retreat ya Yue Kutchan River Retreat Garaku"In your relationship from time to time been Manager、"Want to make nice to! "That when interviewed MATSUMIYA's dream is realized and、Mind with exciting feeling I have been look forward to open!

Efforts to repair the exterior retains the old good atmosphere without much、And tastefully wooden of a tasteful atmosphere、And you hear the birds sing、Symmetrical Bronze Gate has been opened and Satsuki vivid shades。

Step by step、Invigorating nature is surrounded by trees、Seasonal flowers bloom、Japan set in manicured gardens with a luxurious atmosphere.

Rich and elegant Royal Blue with a peaceful sign goodwill jumping through hoops.、Boasting a spacious entrance。

Featuring a beach in Kamakura, Japan artists as a graphic designer Kawakami Shun (Shun Kawakami) greets with flowers!

In the front entrance、As a natural restaurant of Italian famous "Al ketchferno"ofOkuda Masayuki (Masayuki Okuda)And under the supervision of Chef "Restaurant Cocon (restaurant now and then).、To enjoy the dinner in the room so I will introduce later!

End of the building and in the end become each of the rooms and Maisonette suites with 設eru that further enhance private building!
But walls and floors is redesigned、In the atmosphere of "old", such as beams and pillars that supported the House for many years、Now with modern injection、Receive the high-quality hospitality still "all ages"!

Across the hallway while enjoying peaceful views of the Japan grounds、Lounge check-in!

I'd like a towel wrapped in a fresh bergamot aroma、Relax the mind is released at once!

And am glad to drink is Champagne available by moistening the thirst by Francois metal Brut Blanc de noir (François Moutard Brut Blanc de Noirs) cheers! Enjoy with a moist and flavorful canele was offered as a Small cake!


Because the lounge ideal order souvenir items of the selected hotel、Here I'll have to look later!

The fresh green leaves、Pretty in the mountains even more bright and blue sky、Shades of the flowers blooming in the garden will bloom season and beautiful!

Tasteful elegant acids of Blanc de Noirs and personalised bubbles、At the UNESCO House Hotel、This is the beginning of the adults can enjoy an extraordinary trip!

All ages Kamakura (Kamakura Cocon)
Address:Kanagawa Ken Kamakura Shi Nikaido 836
TEL:0467-81-4435(Phone hours:9:00To 18:00-

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