Enjoy Barcelona's old town Café & shopping!

The old town with medieval (Gothic quarter)、Historic building is the sort、Stroll and dotted with fancy still enjoy shopping in a store、Most favorite districts in Barcelona.

Barcelona stay after and slightly、This day choose souvenirs to upscale groceries "Villa viniteca (Vila Viniteca) "In shopping!

While devoted to the shop、Including ornately carved the famous sculptor Miquel Bly soars "Catalana", Piazza Santa Maria an impressive 13th-century Gothic architecture ", Marcel Maria.、The medieval town is spectacular、Enjoy something new every time!

Many cafes and bars、The Pâtissier shopping representing Spain's Carles-man per "Bubo (Bubó) ", In the cake world, was awarded as the best film Shabana (Xabina) and good coffee、Ho was likely resting time!

In the evening、Managing three stores Japan cuisine restaurant in the old town.、Last year one Michelin-star winning "Koy Shunka"Owner-chefMatsuhisa, Hideki(Hideki Matsuhisa)'s and meeting up、In front of the "Cathedral" toast with Cava!

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