Barcelona-Pasta Association! In the host role that served Monsieur Madame

Living in BarcelonaRona YamashitaThat is hooked on Umeda Kentaro-Kun and cooking for friends、Farewell party was held regularly in each other's houses known as pasta & will call、To listen and soon the event、We married too hastily will participate during your stay!

The rule of the pasta is easy!
Given a rest to Madame were usually to do housework、Monsieur were standing in the kitchen, and hosts、That spree to Madam who do home parties! What a lovely meeting you will find! (Lol)

On this day、And seafood make ume-Chan "Pescatore"、In addition to advancing potatoes dish make Rona-Kun、My husband also show, specialty "pasta"!

In addition、Shopping Center in Toyama was taking an appointment with Rona "yakiniku Imperator" ownersHonda Hiroki-Kun became a surprise season from the Middle、Hiroki-Kun arrived in Barcelona on the first day too soon、For transformed meat chefs from rainy day Hombre、Chunky pork loin baked good whats up! Hiroki-Kun、Is to be expected!

Rona-Kun's wifeMai YamashitaChan and I、Wine and gastronomic talk bloom flower! best!

"I thank、Wife to her husband.

Feel the great love in Barcelona at night!

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