Café "Bar Velódromo. El Bulli's Chef and produced as Bal and revived

Establish a café culture in Barcelona's Eixample district in 1933, before the age、2000In the year came to an end”Legends Café”is、Celebrity chef has served as the chef of El Bulli (El Bulli)Carles AbellanHe produced "Bal verodrormo (Bar Velódromo) "As a and reopened in 2009、Are very popular!

The guests in the heart of traditional Catalan cuisine bistro style bar、Obsessiveness 1 plate 1 plate!

There is junk food、As a tapas staple will inadvertently hooked on Patatas bravas (Patatas Bravas), a popular potato dish!

Living in BarcelonaRona YamashitaWe invite you to、Also have fun with a nice bar staff.

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