In market at La Medusa 73 local people loved toast with fresh seafood specialities and Cava!

The published tourist guidebooks on the market, a popular destination with tourists、I want to see the market available to local people.(*́Д ' *)Bruno))

I think not to grant、Living in BarcelonaRona YamashitaThe "ninth market (Mercado del Ninot) "To invite me!

Evening、When you meet、Front entrance of Bal "La Medusa 73"In finding your three-way already has hooked the Cup!
Rona-Kun's wifeMai YamashitaAnd her friend Umeda, Kentaro Kun、And、In RONA's father launched the Yamashita GroupYoshizumi Yamashita(Yoshizumi Yamashita) is me!

Rona-Kun's team finished the job by claiming、One step ahead we have started with "cerveza (beer)"!

This bar is、Like our fresh seafood dishes、Shop Rona family warrant it!

From Yoshi's father and locals happily spoken fluent in Spain,、While listening to your friend Josep Maria Ferret Guasch, Mr. and Mrs. Catalan Cava producers in、"CAVA jmfg" actually made the top cheers! Beautiful rose!

In addition、In addition! In Barcelona's paella is、What! The boarding staff treat!

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