In "De Tapa Madre" through opening bars of your favorite time to your favorite!

Spain people、Has been told to take meals one day five times while lightly 摘mami、Two-hour gap comes from meal time compared to Japan。Lunch time is about 14 hours、Likely to start about 20 hours from dinner、Have a habit of enjoying a meal, accompanied by wine and over time about 2 hours!

Until that time、Would you check the bar is open through sales in!

Here is、Bar located in the Eixample district ' de Tapa Madre (De Tapa Madre"。Day 11:30 at night until midnight one day open from、In addition、Everywhere there are off great shops are open even on Sunday!

On this day、During the day and ate multi-course meals for、In meet the hungry while Cava、Pointing the finger at order some tapas!

The Bal、Eater is suitable for our couple's stomach.

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