Supervised to see Roca Moo' restaurant Michelin one stars

Michelin has earned 3 stars、2015In "world's 50 best restaurant Awards The World's 50 Best Restaurants"In imposing the winner" El Celler de Can Roca(El Celler de can Roca "in supervising Michelin one-star restaurant"Roca Moo(Roca MO) "in Barcelona、Asked on the day of birthday celebration lunch!

"Hotel Omm(Hostel) "a restaurant on the ground floor in the、With a modern taste moist and、Guests can dine while watching the finishing touches in the kitchen!

In the restaurant of Spain、Often, the drink first hands-on course、In the beautiful high ceilings! Order Cava of course!

Fun lunch dishes incorporating unique ideas! Us take a commemorative photo of the two staff with birthday cake!

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