"La Confiteria" leaving the 19th century classically charming candy store bar renovation!

In Barcelona "Yashima Restaurant"Such as the Scion of the Yamashita Group engaged in long-established Japanese restaurantRona YamashitaHe attended the sixth hotels、To the classic BAR located in Sant Pau La Confiteria la (confit Terrier)!

Here is、1888Renovated while retaining the atmosphere of the restaurant at the time in a classical building, built in since 1912, had been operating as a pastry shop、Now, at midnight at 3 and is gaining popularity as a BAR which is open until late!

The 6th day of the last、Introduced me to the merry men of Rona in Spain、Coincidentally, in from Japan had come to BarcelonaHiromi TsuchiyaAnd I'm for letting me control and also husband and wife、Large apartment in a total of 10!

Surround a round table、That exactly 11 / 9 00:00 faced、44Years old my birthday gave us and celebration at all.

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