Exchanges with students at the "University of Nepal" Nepal's future

In NepalBhaktapur (Bhkektkepur)The "University of Nepal (Nepal Engineering College)"To!Bhaktapur (Bhkektkepur)Of a to 1800 m above sea level and、University's steep further in、Summit climbed bashed on unpaved roads. Students、Using school buses take about 1 hour and seems to be school!

Arrive earlier than planned, in a traffic jam I'm in Kathmandu and now、The President started.、Faculty、Students was welcomed warmly! This day was about and leave of absence,、Studied us nearly 30 people are a voracious student, I am overjoyed!

Many students in civil engineering and architecture、The guide can be served as a visiting professor at Institute of Nepal currently 2500 students enrolledNareshWith one of the delegation、Kirihara etsuo (Etsuo Kirihara)!NareshMr. a、Have we been graduated from the University of Japan、The knowledge and experience、Nepal students per guidance while being active!

This time、Each delegation was established to introduce yourself! We inform visited like our Nepal disaster recovery situations and this country charm of Japan and all over the world who we are!

Two erhu playerYumiko NaitoThe teacher、To thank you for the warm welcome in the erhu music showcase "Saima"!

Learn more about Japan's economy and development、A discussion about the future of Nepal.

Future of the Nepal students ' eyes shine.、And filled with hope、Play in various questions with a feeling of gratitude for what you can learn!

University Rector、In exchanges with Japan to build a brighter future for Nepal, I want to study hard and I was eager!

On behalf of the delegation of Nepal tour、"Shimizu Lions Club"ofSugiyama Noboru (Nbru Sugiyama)Is it better to、Hamamatsu sweets "Spring Flower Hall" Of "Eel pie"Presentation! Students、Eel was distributed was not delicious!

WeWEB magazine ladeThe、Students take the initiative and approached the question and answer session、Traditional weaving from the Edo period "Enshū-cotton fabric (menntsumugi)"In handling goods and gadgets、Otaka AsahiLet's be served as President "Enshu cotton silk warm workshop"The craft"Shizuoka bag candy"We have to present! Shizuoka city "Baba confectionery"And was a collaborator"Shizuoka bag candy"The、Enshū-cotton fabric with a taste of、During the lovely Palm-sized tote bag、In my hometown"Shizuoka"Boasting "Mt. Fuji、Tea、Mandarin oranges、Strawberry、Melon、Wasabi"Kintaro candy made motif slipped into has been for the screen! Young people build a future of Nepal、Turning to overseas.、We have to pass the hope that coming in Shizuoka in Japan someday!

Visiting ProfessorKirihara etsuo (Etsuo Kirihara)Mr. a、For the past two years、Wind power systems and software development were instrumental in us colleges、Continued guidance。In the past、2The degree was an unexpected failure、Together as a team, you want to focus on development continue and spoke!

Even to this day had problems at present, such as found some of the best research students Department of software development!

The technology of Japan、Solar panels installed on the roof of power generation, such as tele check in your phone or computer is ready!

At the roof of the University established the Japan wind power generator、All photo! Nepal Institute of、Thank you very much!Dannyabird! (धन्यवाद) thank you!

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