Nestled on the shores of the nigrisagar pond kanakamuni Buddha and Ashoka pillar

Tilauracott (Tilaurakot)More North East 6 km、Approximately 5 minutes by car driving.、In the next town.Nigrihow (Nigliawa)The、Ashoka is in no. 5 Buddha 7 Buddha in the past "Kanakamuni Buddha (Kanakamuni buddha)"For the dedication as the birthplace"Ashoka pillar (Ashokan Pillar)"Stored!

Stele、Tragically two lying on the break had we!

As the State remains as weak is、Current restoration efforts are underway!

In the stone、"The birthplace of kanakamuni Buddha," is written in the ancient brahmi script!

To get rid of the debris and、Repair work in people。So if you go to the countryside to speed restoration in Nice is a kind of。

Beside the stone "Kanakamuni Buddha (Kanakamuni buddha)"Are enshrined.

Shakyamuni Buddha (Buddha)In no. 5 Buddha 7 Buddha in the past "Kanakamuni Buddha (Kanakamuni buddha)"。

Place、Nigrihow (Nigliawa)To the oneNigricergal (Niglisagar)Near the pond that becomes、Opens up with pond views!

The straight、"Kahn (Kudan)"Head to the ruins!

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