Hotels in Nepal for the first time got the title of Star 5 "Annapurna"

In the capital Kathmandu of Nepal、For the first time got a 5-star designation "Hotel Annapurna (Annapurna Hotel)"The、1965And was established in、Hotel celebrates the 52nd anniversary in the history.

Tourists become and within walking distance from the popular Thamel (Thamel) areaDurbarMargot (Durbar Marg) located on Royal Street、In the nearby "Narayanhiti Royal Palace Museum (Narayanhiti Palace Museum)"Even and、Lined with shopping malls, boutiques and restaurants, etc.、Is the location convenient to sightseeing in Kathmandu Valley.

The rooms are、Superior 66 rooms、Deluxe 81 rooms、And total 155 rooms Suite 4 rooms、Each room provided in the recesses of the grounds for、While city、For quiet time to relax。All the rooms are renovated and、Luxuriously furnished and equipped rooms with simple and calming atmosphere!

Hotel、Chinese restaurant "Alnico room Arniko.、(Ghar-e-Kabab) of India cuisine Gare et kebabs、The Coffee Shop the main sandwiches and snacks、Juneli Bar、The Cake Shop has provided、Enjoy the variety of dishes、You can spend a relaxing time!

In the hotel courtyard、Nepal's five star in the biggest outdoor swimming pool fully equipped! Also、Business Center and conference rooms、Gym、Beauty salon、Flower shop、Including Casino,、Our fully equipped facilities.

Outdoor events are、Events are held on a regular basis! The other day、Nepal met folk instruments of sarangi playersKiran Nepali (Nepali Kiran)Is it folk music band led by "KUTUMBA (cutumba)"Even a few days and held live here ago、I've heard with great success!

Nepal's five-star hotel、5-star hotel and compared with Japan's to provide guests with something absurdly cheap price、Would be nice to soak in the Nepal.

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