Love support for children would be orphaned at bungamati village small village located in Patan

A small village in Lalitpur district, 5 km away from Patan in NepalBungamati village (Bungamati)At、School children would be orphaned "Bungamati village community school (Co-operative Society Bungamati School)"To!

The bungamati village、Village of the Newar people have on the Bagmati River land。Here you will、In NepalKathmandu Valley、Pattern、Baked poolThe photograph "Kumari"To continue、And no. 4 Kumari "Kumari, bungamati village"Also belongs to school!

Here is、Promoting cultural exchange between Nepal and Shizuoka Prefecture "Namaste Nepal appealed"The representative、Nepal tour tour guideMaharjan Niles (Maharjan Naresh)Let's head for a long time will be continued and supported school!

With classrooms surrounding the Central Playground、Many children came from Japan we were welcomed!

The majority of the bungamati village village children、2015I lost the House and parents in the aftermath of the earthquake that occurred on 25 April、But had been forced to live in temporary housing, and so on are scarce、"Co-operative Society Bungamati Ltd."The Laval nationalJanak Raj TuladharAnd the Lord said、And to focus on the earthquake orphans in Nepal for the linking learning and technology、School、IT Center、Homestay、And continued support to promote activities to support local communities、In the current、Thanks foster parents with education many children to go to school to be ready!

In addition、Janak Raj TuladharDue to efforts by Mr.、In the school premises "Nursing home"In addition、Visitors can touch on the history and culture of Nepal's "Homestay accommodation"And construction、And those programs are revenue villages.、Brochure showing our guide!

To school here、3Until the 16-year-old children from the age of about 250 pupils divided into 10th grade, we are through! In each classroom、Underscoring its increased learning according to the level of academic achievement、What surprised me most、3For the universal language of English learned from the old、Any student with fluent English-speaking! It is a great education!

All uniforms and foster homes who started.、Due to the support of many、To Nice to tie pigtails prepared kids outfits and long hair girls appearance、I feel elegant beauty.

In the courtyard、Madhukar headmaster (Mk Tuladhar)And Mr. Niles、The tree plantingCherry treesThe growth had been pleasing! This is、Ares's calling "Shimada Lions Club"Has been planted in support of!

Computer classroom to learn IT、"SIR Shizuoka Prefecture International Exchange Association"The support by、2015June 1-will accept donations to 6/30、Total 1466, 887 YenHas been donated。Niles says、Big love from you、And still vividly remember was hauling the donation directly to the school day、Joy spoke to the voice!

He got a hand in various、New buildings are being built。It seems there are circumstances such as high prices of construction materials、This building is、Approximately$ 6500 (Japan Yen JPY 728000)So it is possible to build with. To say the least、Rather than, say, building a good tin roof is in the mud、To endure rain and wind, in sturdy school buildings that have been appreciated!

Student's cell in the schoolyard、We have established Exchange!

My hand drawn "What is your name?"And the girls ask me。I "My name is Ayaco.Nice to meet you."And the answer、11Age they taught a lot of Nepal,、Had a fun time!

Our children will look adorable smile。After the earthquake is after a while、Loud noise or reacting out of fear、Many child sleep at night is there is、Foster parents who started.、An honest heart teachers who care、I keep presence of mind and became so far。Keep watched this smile, is what I want to be!

During this mission、I also have two erhu playerYumiko NaitoAnd he was、To the student prior to great live music! Are the children、Beautiful music ever seen Chinese instrument erhu interested in inquiring, quietly listened to was!

Even to this day tour of Nepal who interviewed in Nepal private broadcasting television photographerGun Lage Shaka (Gunaraj Shakya)And he's into local news coverage、Dr. Yumi also served in the Nepal private broadcasting decorate first appearance!

Student to represent、Fit girl showed me the folk songs of Nepal、There is a scene with impromptu accompaniment rebounds off the itching on her、From the mission、Japan nursery rhymes "Home"He、The possibility of music not language barrier、Universal was common and a nice up!

WeWEB magazine ladeThe、Schools click here、Traditional weaving from the Edo period "Enshū-cotton fabric (menntsumugi)"In handling goods and gadgets、Otaka AsahiLet's be served as President "Enshu cotton silk warm workshop"The craft"Shizuoka bag candy"We have to present! Shizuoka city "Baba confectionery"And was a collaborator"Shizuoka bag candy"The、Enshū-cotton fabric with a taste of、During the lovely Palm-sized tote bag、In my hometown"Shizuoka"Boasting "Mt. Fuji、Tea、Mandarin oranges、Strawberry、Melon、Wasabi"Kintaro candy made motif slipped into has been for the screen! If children of Nepal Shizuoka in Japan to know would be greatly appreciated!

Candy each and every student at the end! The children happily takes a candy、Watching the straight eye、"Thank you!"And the us represent the gratitude with a smile! Children from this and grow through the support of many、It is hope that is active around the world, beyond the Nepal someday!

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