At the suvarnabhumi International Airport Oman Air lounge elegance and comfort

Bangkok, ThailandThe gateway 'Suvarnabhumi international airport"In the、Shuttle wait time is approximately 5 hours and for quite a long time。If in time it just、Priority Pass Priority passIn I want to spend time at lounge put Oman Air lounge!

With priority pass (Priority)、With companies offering services in the airport lounge、The annual membership fee is required、Using price Lounge will be free。Many domestic and overseas travel、Frequently used the airport for travelers is a special membership card!

There are ways such a priority card is available free of charge! That isRakuten premiumIt is!Rakuten Premium Card membershipThe、Prestige membership of priority pass (Priority) (regular annual membership fee $ 399 USD) in、Would you believeJoining fees, annual fees and also offers free membershipThat can be。For more information click here please click the banner!



At the reception desk、Priority card and passport、Enter and submit a ticket。

In calm tones and decorated with chic interior、And moderate sized Oman Air's corporate colours, blue lighting gives the comfort lounge。Behind the curtains、Can lie on the sofa seats are provided for facilities is enough!

On the counter by the window、Mac was established、Free Wi-Fi-only lounge, you can use the Internet。Because there is an outlet for、It is possible to charge the battery!

4Table seating loveseat also available、It is used in Oman's national costume for the imperial family!

Even the restrooms are check cleaning members are always、Filled with clean。Equipped with shower room are paid!

In the bar、There are a wide range of drinks!

Alcohol also boasts、From hard Erika liqueur is Heavenly.、Your favorite cocktail, expertly。As a snack、Nuts and olives、Convenience and pickles!

The coffee is、Nespresso is prepared、Guests at six、Tea is served in the tea bags、Are available in warm fresh milk!

Coca Cola、Sprite、Schweppes ginger ale or tonic water、Fanta、Miro、Tomato juice、Perrier、Mineral water、Beers such as Heineken and of Singha。

Available in a compact refrigerator、Cold sparkling wine, white wine is a drink!

In Australia's Yarra Valley "And MoED-Shandon"Happy Chandon Rosé (CHANDON ROSE), a fresh, elegant sparkling wine of the Domaine was established!

Section to the entrees appetizers, accumulates in the stomach!

Rely on for the sake of good cheese and smoked chicken mini sandwich、Hummus (pastes)、Dry fruit。

Fresh juices and various types of yogurt、Even corn flakes for milk.

Satay and Samosas and other Middle Eastern food is 出揃i、And sauce sauce spices and condiments are also、Raises an appetite!

You give me fresh fruit glad nothing!

Make a toast with sparkling wine rose color with、For light snacks、Spend a relaxing time!

There are also early in the morning、Not loud and crowded Oman Air lounge is off the beaten path in the off the beaten path! At suvarnabhumi international airport、So there is the lounge you can access priority card、You might play around with it!

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