"The Grand America Hotel" luxury feel night

Situated in the center of the United States of America Salt Lake City (Salt Lake City) five star hotel "Grand America Hotel (The Grand America HotelEvening to spend in。
The sign of the hotel that emerges in a lush world with a stately style worthy of the name of "Grand"!

A peace of mind flows through the smile and voice of the doorman, who warmly welcomes guests back to the hotel。On this day、Vadym Hunter, who has been working for 10 years and is a veteran doorman and can speak a little Japanese, was very refreshing! Vadym is a good young man from Ukraine!

In the lobby lounge、Listening to live piano music、See the guests enjoying the quiet time、
It exudes a sense of luxury that is different from the daytime world!

The color temperature in the hotel increases as the area becomes dim.、Antique chandeliers that shine even more。
The fountain in the courtyard from the corridor is also lit up.、The flowers that had opened quietly closed the petals as if to signal the end of the day.、Rest♪ time

Walking in the hotel where there are few signs of people、"Art Tour" is also recommended to sit on the sofa and look at the paintingcarefully.。1You will get enough time to immerse yourself in the world view that was put in one picture!
Return to the room、Open the window.、Cheers with beer while looking at the night skyline shining with illuminations across the veranda!

Sunset time is late in The United States during summer time、I feel that the day is very long ♪

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