Relaxing rooms are different types of "The Grand America Hotel.

Situated in the center of the United States of America Salt Lake City (Salt Lake City) five star hotel "Grand America Hotel (The Grand America Hotel) "In the、I will introduce two types of rooms that I took care of this time♪

This time the、We prepared the first newly renovated room "Governor's Suite"!
Conventionally、It was a room with a classical English atmosphere.、The renewed room、Keep your decorations down、Simple and modern atmosphere、
Natural and soft tones unified in beige give off calmness、It gives peace to the heart♪

The bathroom is covered with marble in chic shades.、Two independent shower rooms on the left and right around the oval bathtub、
It is also possible to use the shower at the same time as a couple, very convenient!

Next is "Executive Suites King"、75It is proud of the elegant size of m2.、Warm colours and elegant, womenly interiors make it a cozy space!

Furniture、Using the Richerieu fruit of the handcraft using cherry wood、The leather top desk does the job well.。

Also、Sit down on a soft, fluffy sofa with vivid classical embroidery and excellent cushioning.、You can feel like a princess♪

By gently separate the living room from the bedroom by the French door、Create a quiet time。
And、English wool carpet gently wraps around your feet、In the bedroom、Comfortable mattress and duvet king-size bed、Provides a restful sleep。
Because the American bed is quite high、For short Japanese, it reaches the level of "Yokkorasho" (laughs)

A high-quality bathroom covered in marble、British organic brand "GILTHRIST" & SOAMES] bus items lined up、Elegant bath time in a bathtub with a spacious length ♪

The magnificent mountains spread out from the guest rooms.、You can see the neon townscape and the scenery where you can enjoy the clock tower.。Also、Rooms facing the courtyard have a balcony、In the morning, it's shining in the sun、The brightness of the flowers in full bloom、At night, you can see the beautiful and gorgeous garden of the night with moonlight and illumination.。It is also nice to be able to enjoy different scenery for each room!

The atmosphere is different between the renovated rooms and the traditional classical rooms.、It's a good idea to contact us at the time of booking according to your preference!

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