The best of "The Grand America Hotel" Salt Lake City luxury 5-star hotel

Situated in the center of the United States of America Salt Lake City (Salt Lake City) five star hotel "Grand America Hotel (The Grand America Hotel) ',、And located in front of TRAX Blue Line 701 running the Salt Lake City courthouse (Courthouse) station、In the Cretaceous its name fittingly inimitably European-style buildings are particularly eye-catching Salt Lake City Hotels、1952Founded in "Grand America Hotels & Resorts (Grand America Hotels & Resorts) "of be your own brand!

Unleash the calm, luxurious lobby。In addition to high-quality, classic interiors、In this part of the hotel owner's collection of 18th-century-also contains 19th century furnishings and works of art in the age、Full of grace in a museum like atmosphere like there is、Beauty's sigh involuntarily overflowing! For out of the whole hotel has 775 rooms spaciousMind and、Top hotels across America-winning 5-star hotel is! This time in Salt Lake City、Be indebted to a nice hotel。

In the lobby greeted the showy flowers、Micheala after check-in to be served as a Grand American PR Manager Rachael Kaneko (Rachel, Kaneko) and colleague (Michaela) greetings!

Rachel married Japanese men in the United States and said that.、Japan Japanese and can understand a little word's。
Because we would be poor English、Easy communication to our conversation slowly、It is a very nice and cute woman! Thank you,Rachael & Micheala.

On this day in the hotel 1000 large events are held、In the hotel there is this one in、Rooms and packed-thank you!

First of all,、For information on Rachel and Michaela、Tour (Tour Art) of the hotel and we will! Let's go to Art Tour!

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