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In United States San Francisco via United Airlines from Haneda Airport to Utah



[From Haneda Airport via United Airlines to San Francisco]
Our journey of the lade is、And the United States of America (United States of America), Utah (Utah)、"United Airlines (United) "At the San Francisco via Salt Lake!

Our journey will be Utah in the United States. Go to Salt Lake at “United Airlines!”

"Haneda Airport international passenger terminal /Haneda Airport International Terminal"The explore the mulling in the airport boarding international line!
Airport in the spring to take cherry tree branches and flowers and there are decorated here, spring!
It would be pleasing to the guests from abroad!

Equipped booth Hawaiian vibe、"Hilton Grand Vacations (Hilton Grand Vacations) "Of answer to the questionnaire" Hilton Hawaii 2 night stay vouchers gifts "of had been a Lottery campaign!
First of all,、Try pulling the betting ago the survey as per "Honolulu" award、Hilton ballpoint pen...
And、Answer a simple questionnaire takes about 5 minutes of time in the Tablet。At a later date、Because the lottery results seems to be informed、I look forward to!

To enjoying a last meal in Japan、4The Edo alley on the floor to "Japan taste of hundred-Zen"。
Hundreds set comes of 25 seasons providing hundreds of Zen、And the shop offers the set of good old Japan。In "salmon and some parent-child rice season you instruction set (1850 yen)" and order the 'kaisen kakiage rice (¥ 1200)。Egg soup volumes and with Sesame、As with tofu、Body-friendly home-style instruction can be set、Unique to Japan food I enjoyed!

Opposite to the gate ago boarding time、Travel safely。Will be approximately 9 hours 30 minutes of the flight to San Francisco。
One of the pleasures of flight、Still enjoy all at once from the new to the old blockbuster movies!

This time the、Drew Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook with (La La Land) became a hot topic in the musical romantic comedy film the La La land social-networking (The Social Network)、Love story played a gorgeous co-star Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard Marianna (marianne)、1988Enjoying a cocktail in the blockbuster, starring Tom Cruise.

Graceful flight while enjoying views of the sky with gradient color of several layers of! is a successful San Francisco arrival.





















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