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"Imperial Hotel" Boiling tea service in the Sukiya building of a full-fledged tea house TOKO-AN" is very popular !



"IMPERIAL HOTEL"The main building 4F、
Quietly Nestled high tea was born in 1970 "TOKO-AN"Now、
Sukiya style, renowned architectMuranoAnd I'm in an authentic tea design、
Omotesenke、Urasenke、Tea room can accommodate 3000 home of warrior alley Senke、
In Kyoto "Daitokuji Temple peninsula hospital"ofHis mouth Katsura Chapel masterThe named "For the moon walk"、"TOKO-AN"、"Shoto Room"The 3 provides、
Regardless of the school endorses service、Can be used as a seat of the tea ceremony and tea thing becomes possible!


The entrance towards the tea-ceremony room、As the startled and Western-style hotel room、
Awaits a quiet Japanese style and calming。
Through indirect lighting on the bamboo ceiling、Expressing myself with soft light.、
With polished logs of kitayama Cedar pillars、Walls are all works are artisans juraku fun wall。
Craftsmen repaired now that also would come less from covered care。
HereEndorses serviceThe、Increasing number of people that want to experience the culture of Japan with guests from abroad、
Because it has become a very popular、Advance booking is needed.
[Endorses service]
Light brown smoke:1,500Pie (cake with、Tax included)
(Excluding Sundays and public holidays, or Charter, 10:00-up to 16:00 PM)


Connecting to the tea room and roji、Garden graceful Japan。
Soothe the mind and close guests can pamper themselves with ya!


TOKO-ANThe courtyard also suggests、100Has become a grass square meters roof garden。
For the main building in the Middle 2nd、The fifth floor is labeled 4th floor here。
4End of the month-may、Dyed red azalea tsukiyama rising、
SAKURA RoomFrom、Or 17th floor Steakhouse "KAMON"Views from the scenic seems to.


This time、Is to get your tea "TOKO-AN"The tea-rooms。
In the tea ceremony、To the tea room with bare feet would be breach of manners。
If Couture、If the originalWhite socksThat is the best、Avoid bare feet would you like to enter。
Me and wearing stockings at this time.、
The teacher "Not to please in stockings"And gentle voice Cliff take's was.


TOKO-AN (four mat half)

TOKO-ANThe、Should your iemoto of the Urasenke tea "YUUIN"Tips on vicarage。
Or hiddenThe、In the four and half-mat 1000 was built upon retirement、
Sen no Rikyu has been a copy of the Yojohan parlor of Juraku mansion made ​​around the end of 1587 of his last ♪


Is the shaft of your floor (scrolls) "Spring into 1000 Hayashi conduct oneself conduct oneself flowers (not much phosphorus in if you can help in)"。
In the spring、Invited to warm weather、It flashed into the forest、There are beamed out here are the beautiful flowers blooming.、
Here "Daitoku-ji Temple, third Gen In"ofHasegawa TaishinIn his 60 years of。
And、Flowers with even a toothpick ""Phosphorescent"and"Camellia"」が飾られています


Endorses serviceに付いてくるお菓子が運ばれてきました
"Please enjoy the sweets」と亭主側に勧められてからいただくように致しましょう
And manners and can be eaten before the light-brown、
Don't panic, eat、Not eat sweets and tea does not start。
To become light brown foil candy、Has been polite and are to、Taboo of alternating。
The pastries、3-4 halves, cut with toothpick or cake slice and eat.。
If、If you can't eat、
Paper used to eat candy in the package、Would bring back gently be invisible!


Tsuruya Hachiman peach willow (momoyagi)

In the long-established Japanese-style confection store "Tsuruya Hachiman" Of "Peach willow"The feel the changes of the seasons is。
In Pale two-color combination、Smooth bean paste inside it becomes tender sweet classy、Feel the joy of spring.


And greetings from a teacher、Including manners、Us Professor variously。
In it、Let's immediately prepared the tea.


11-winter-spring April using the furnace、
Your point is not front、Angle of the tilted in aerial work platforms are kept.


Water temperature is 70 degrees and points at about 80 degrees water、
Because they produce a bitter tea too hot、Is coordinated by the water in the water container.


This Bowl is in KyushuShodai ware in、Of Public RelationsKohta ShigetomiIs it the was used。
Northern part of Kumamoto Prefecture、At the foot of daishan small from about 400 years ago is written with ceramic、
Simple and powerful style with high iron content-shodai clay characteristics for、
Exactly what、Kohta ShigetomiAnd it's is perfect for such an honest man from Kyushu.


The green tea、If you have a company "After"And taking into、
Husband "We will get your tea"And bowed, then let。
Teacup ride in his left hand and with your right hand lightly、Urasenke because、Turn clockwise (counterclockwise is omote) lightly twice。
When drinking green tea、Try not to drink from the front of the Cup to。
In front of the bowl of my fan so I was、Avoiding the fan in front of the delicious cancelled.。
Ends drinks、Cleanse the taste with your index finger and thumb、From the coast in the paper its fingers、
Back to the Bowl counterclockwise twice、Place the Bowl rim out of the mat。
The teacup、Would you like see in the stable state with the knees and elbows.
(Note:Watches and rings、Necklace is not damage expensive teacups 外shimashou in advance)


The green tea、The Japanese has been loved since ancient times、
IncludedCatechinHas excellent antioxidant properties、For the activation of skin cells is expected to、
It is essential to women's skin making stuff。
While tasting delicious culture of Japan、Quick to clean.


After the dose received、Teacher gave me a description of the tea ceremony.


The shrine、In the treasure of the tea ceremony Kettle "Keiten Takahashi"The workMozuyagama
Union paradise is this furnace platform for、It has been carefully raising and lowering of the shrine.


Iwadate、Made of white linen to drank during "temae" Bowl Cleanerchakinn
Bamboo tools to beat green tea powder into the bowl and poured the hot waterPowderedAre we made of 100 bamboo。
This Bowl is、Hakeme
Originally was in the Korea Cup、The last behind the original 1000 houses is dealt at the anniversary of the death of the 13th Bowl!


UnkinnnatsumeThe、Cherry blossoms and leaves are drawn、Is the lacquer can be used in the spring and fall。
Matcha green teaIwadateWith somebody up in the、1 and a half feet with respect to dose and、
It is tradition accompanies the half-moon-shaped front.


The lid of Shrine、In Japan cherry blossoms and autumn leaves can be used in the spring and fall、Is used, showing the cherry blossom season.


The tea house at the entrance to the groupings of、At the entrance of 2 feet 2 inch (66 cm) 4、
Known as wriggling bent into the nijitte。
Samurai swords and have in order to enter without the small dimensions and the、
"What kind of person in the tea room would be equal"ThatThousand Sen no RikyuThe Teaism has begun!


Between the moon walk (10 tatami mats)

For the moon walkThe、In the Shoin style in the Urasenke tea "Zangetsu-Tei"Tips on vicarage。
10 tatami-mat room in Sinus floor with squares on a floor there、
Squares on a floor (the square) with tatami mats and floor of camphor、Using pine trees in the alcove。
Is characterized by lightness facing the garden.


Kurama and Kurama used stones, including better diorite
Stone has been laid、Familiar with the secular changes in the scene、Will be more taste!


Between the Shoto-kan (3-second)

Shoto RoomThe、Configure varied based on tatami mats with eyes and scale have been、
On the right hand wall、17See also obscures the Bill to the floor through columns。
Taking seaside matsukaze、Has been named the heart wide tea to get!


The world of the tea ceremony of the Wabi and Sabi、The opportunity the opportunity of lifetime as the "Once in a lifetime of"The world will be。
Know that to have manners in culture of Japan is a wonderful、
Respect to just think on the DOS and Don'ts of the tea ceremony。
Even if not correct etiquette、I think it important that spirit comes with a respectful and polite。
The peak season and be exactly the cherry blossoms begin to bloom at the moment.、
Click hereEndorses serviceThe、Europe and the United States、United Kingdom、New Zealand、
Australia、Guests from around the world, such as Singapore is very popular。
So we accepted reservation booking every 30 minutes、If you are interested we recommend advance booking!
Now、Next in lineImperial HotelSponsored by "Social media"The introduction to events.

Location:1-1-1, uchisaiwai-Cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Private accommodation bookings (Reservations) TEL:03-3504-1251

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"Imperial Hotel" Premium Tower floor was born as a special floor in the adjacent Imperial Tower ! "Imperial Hotel" × "The Sherwood Taipei" Media gathered to be active in each country! Social gathering the cherry bloom!
"Imperial Hotel" Premium Tower floor was born as a special floor in the adjacent Imperial Tower !
"Imperial Hotel" × "The Sherwood Taipei" Media gathered to be active in each country! Social gathering the cherry bloom!


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