"Imperial Hotel" × "The Sherwood Taipei" Color luxurious buffet is served in the media get-together!


"IMPERIAL HOTEL"The main middle 2nd Banquet Hall and seeHIKARI Room"In the、
Held every yearImperial HotelSponsored by "Media Social Gathering"Held、
Imperial HotelAnd is connected to partnerships with Taiwan capital, Taipei's leading first-class hotel
"The Sherwood Taipei"As the host。
Numerous TV and magazine、Be active in global newspapers
All media representatives will be a social gathering like 180 or so and、I am withWEB Magazine ladeAlso participated.


Imperial HotelFor in the large banquet room "HIKARI Room"The、
550 m² exhibition space with pride、6charm in near m ceiling height、
Light and sound、Communications、In addition to the equipment、With simultaneous interpretation equipment、
And you can take advantage of a global party event venue。
In a layout like this provide a counter in the Middle cocktail buffet、
Maximum seating capacity for up to 400 people and provides spacious and、
This time the、Is a colorful and luxurious buffet style dinner party!


First of all theImperial HotelThe in Tokyo, President & General Manager (President and General Manager)
Hideya SadayasuIs it a received will greetings!


Imperial HotelOf the Manager,Of Public RelationsShugo TeruiAnd I was in a very friendly way、
Cooperated in the coordination of hotel interviews the next day!


"Lobster、Sea Urchin、Fit the notch on ice and King crab
(Decoration de petites langoustes, oursin et crabes sur glace taillee).

The central counter is、Imperial HotelThe lion symbolizes the ice sculptures!
Around the dynamic sculptural、Lobster and caviar、King crab hits the luxury ingredients such as abalone.


For buffet style party、While the size of easy-to-take、
In addition to the high quality of beauty is the quality and ingredients、Glamorous feel to knit、
Their quality in the party's leading hotel.


"Solitude bite snacks variety and France finger hood ornament
(Petits hors-d ' œuvre et des amuse-gueules variés à la moderne).


Sole Amiral-style lobster shrimp ornament (Filet de sole à l ' amiral décoré de homard)

And "Amiral"、In France, the "Admiral" means、
Originally、Used for fish food garnish、To fish the Posse in the white wine and Attar、
Ecevit himself、Mussels、Mushroom、Refers to food wrapping a fried oyster, tsuke合waseru。
"Amiral-style sole"The、
Empire Hotel traditional fish dishes and will、"La Brasserie"But are provided.


"Eat compared to different parts of the beef roast
Rôtie de viandes bœuf panachées aux légumes).

The different parts of the beef at the same time to enjoy、Please provide one plate with seasonal vegetables.


"Seared Wagyu beef makihara seared with wasabi sauce flavor
(Côte de bœuf persillée cuite en tranches au wasabi et ciboule).

Portion of beef tender, juicier beef makihara and seared with roasted、
We will charge frankly in this wasabi just grated ♪


"Solitude patted Vian perigeux and turbot anchored Sharon sources
(Pâté de viande et poisson de l ' Impérial).

Imperial HotelOf is anchored in our traditional menu、This appeared in the square!
Around the image of the square pie、And with the turtle and starfish、
Like sea bream or flatfish dance Palace also spins、Is a Visual stimulus to receive gem!


Would you self you like buffet style、
If you ask the chef、Beautifully balanced thank Melia、And 1 plate of luxury!


"Empire Hotel homemade small bread variations
(Petits pains à la maison panachés Impérial).

Imperial HotelThe small bread were so easy to eat on the various party tabletop。
Goes well with dishes in a soft sweetness refrained from eating to fit!


"Ohta Publications"The weekly hotel restaurants
Exective Director & Can be served as editor in ChiefHiroki Iwamoto.、
After the event、Sherwood TaipeiOf GM'sAchim V. HakeTo
During an interview on FB are apparent.。
In the headlines、"By chance you realized from the edge interview"As has been written、
Can you feel what it means to cherish the edge he had。
Mr.AchimAlso visit our short stay while、Many media representatives started.、
The floor in close communication being taken as a PR to Japan。
FutureSherwood TaipeiI hope to draw attention to Japan。
The venue "Ohta Publications"The President inOTA SusumuAnd I also had been involved.


Sherwood TaipeiOf GM'sAchim V. HakeAnd the、
The hotel when asked Taipei coverage in January 2016, year ahead, got to know、
But during the short just 1 night, 2 days、Feel all his words and deeds "Hotel love"To have had been struck with、
As a destination in the next Taipei coverage、Sherwood TaipeiThat is supposed to let me return。
Blessed are you new attractions from a different angle to write about!


Sherwood TaipeiThe hotel ownerB.V.RiuThe Managing Director is his sonMark LiuAnd、
Mr.MarkThe cousins 'Alice Co., Ltd"of
PresidentJunho RiuThe、And graduated from the University of Japan、Fluent in the language、
To become the bridge between Japan and Taiwan、Has been active in Japan and between Japan and Taiwan.


Sherwood TaipeiOf the Managing DirectorMark LiuAnd the、
Slowly you can meet in Taipei next! (Xie Xie! )
Visit to Taipei is 5th in the next、Blessed with a good match、Sex partners are born!


As well as central counter、Around the four sides of the venue、There are filled with seasonal dishes.


"Many still meat variations of colorful vegetables
(La dans dans légumes du marché, Viandes cuites of mélis-mélos rôtissoire).

To be burned in the Rotisserie rotisserie chicken!
During the、Sausage and roasted beef、There are various meat dishes such as duck to lamb chops、
So little by little he plate、Guests can enjoy various meat!


"With Japanese curry rice jasmine rice ( Seafood curry, Riz "jasmine""

Beautiful colorful Thai jasmine rice feel with plenty of fresh seafood with curry.


Balanced line of hot and cold dishes、
Number of staff will be responsible for the chef who dished up and serve also contains many、
Hospitality to each and every guest is made to be smart.


"Hamachi tartare ginger jelly
(Hamachi tartar wasabi tobiko caviar, soy ginger gelée and rice crackers).

Cool fancy appetizer for hamachi with ginger-flavored Jelly!


"Veal grilled onion flavored potato with shallot sauce
(Charbroiled veau chop shishito peppers, potato Lyonnaise, shallot-glaze).

Full of flavor, with bone、Grilled veal Jusici had finished the、
Along with roasted pineapple and vegetables、
Taste the shallots in soy reduced sauce.


"IME Co., Ltd."The Laval nationalIchiko MatsuzawaMr. a、
And that refund from Kansai in the dream hotel Jana list、It was a very friendly and lovely free kirakiraola!
Also during a visit to Kansai attendants will let me do it!


Photographer & writerKit NagamurThe、Has been active in the Kodansha Ltd., Tokyo and NHK!
Designed in her photography business card is very nice、I had photos of nail design to suit。
In addition to、Had a great photo taken landscape beauty of Japan with various projects.


Journalist of the foreign correspondents ' Club of Japan,Scriptwriter,WriterLucy BirminghamThe、
She was a nice woman adult attractive beautiful and voluptuous figure.


In this booth as the opening 125 anniversary products、
First original blended white wine by Imperial Hotel's Sommelier "Kyoutou"Has been featured。
"Kyoutou"、The Koshu city, Yamanashi Prefecture "Katsunuma Brewing Co., Ltd."And is tied up、
Imperial HotelThe white wine was engaged in blending the sommelier 2、
Hits on opening day2015/11/3Than、840Are in limited quantities this sales and offers!


The sommelier was most kodawara fragrance to make two、
After tasting unblended wines made from a variety of、Sorts of blend ratio、Over time, has been verified。
The finished white wine、Scent as well as high、Even taste both sommelier
"Fresh fruit taste alone is not at the moment in the mouth、
Feel and sense of volume、Remains a lingering bitter taste with flavor at the end
"And describe the、Finished in a deep product。
In the product name "Kyoutou"The、Using a blend of malts wine field
Named after its being in the Gorges of the Yamanashi Prefecture across the country East。
And a lighter, fresher, taste and taste、Think that any food taste.


Fuji Sankei group "GPlusMedia"The Editor,Content producerJeff W.Richards.
Great astringent voice "GPlusMedia"The Producer&The Radio PersonalityKamasami Kong!
The Gplus 'G' = 'Gaikokujin(Alien) "of the initial、
"Building International Japan"Corporate philosophy、
Information site for foreigners in Japan for the first time in Japan has been launched!


"GUY-TECH PRODUCTIONS"ofMark SchreiberMr. a、
American journalist is hilarious!
Check. check pattern with colorful bottle tie a cute dress was impressive!


Imperial HotelHave been handed down from the founding era "Double beef consommé"Let's!


You introduce the other day "The Legacy of Food"In the、
Imperial HotelThe first chef, the dutyKanekichi YoshikawaLeft behind
And the recipes were documented notes Cookbook (recipe book)
The tradition handed down "double beef consommé.、In the recipe almost unchanged since old times continue to be served is。
Usually the consomme soup、Cow meat and bones and dashi, remove, vegetables、Season well with Sherry, is completed.、
Double consommé is、Before Sherry broth in the same way again isTo take、
"Double" recipes are used, spared no effort.。
In doing so、Clear amber Imperial Hotel's own transparency become soup of high taste and aroma.


"Ice sculptures Jazz your a gorgeous fruit in season
(Fruits frais pnch
és dans corbeille de glace).

Icicles flower as if time stood still to keep bloom beautifully in the ice sculpture、
Plenty packed with seasonal fresh fruits、
Watermelon is a fruit carvingImperial HotelAre giving the sign symbol.


Held in Rimini Italy、Women confectionery technician in 9 countries around the world joined international competition
"Pastry Queen (the pastry Queen)"In the、
The art of dance theme finishing over two days four kinds of dessert with candy craft、Skills to compete in、
Empire Hotel Cook, pastry Division participated as a Japan representativeAki Tanimura.、
Stunning in general are suppose to runner-up、Crown to hand!
This dessert booth、Then candy craft exhibits and、Able to see the great work!


PR,Event Planning,In introductionsBill HerseyMr. a、
Was pretty funky and paralyzed.


"METROPOLIS"ofChief Executive Officer,Neil Butler.、
Imperial Hotel
The Director of International Public Relations inIgnatius CroninIs it in the enclosed、
Can attend glamorous parties across approximately 2 hours、Whats we experience very rewarding time!


Imperial HotelAnd Cook as the recipe almost unchanged from the founding era、
Restaurant with a juicy roast beef popular in rum、Pork、Duck、Various meats such as chicken or fresh seafood dishes、
Provided the colorful Pinchos and appetizers with rich taking uniform、
Special dessert, sorbet、With sumptuous seafood buffets in the jostling, fruit、Total of about 180 people food、
This location、You can provide this quality、
But the first time in Japan "Viking"It establishes food style
Originated in Imperial Hotel "Imperial Viking "buffet""That's why! Though the Galactic Federation!
While valued its founding 125 years of history and tradition、Innovation to be accomplished at all timesImperial Hotel
As Japan's leading hotel、Imperial HotelThe hope that if further appeal will tell you about.

Location:1-1-1, uchisaiwai-Cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Private accommodation bookings (Reservations) TEL:03-3504-1251

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