"Imperial Hotel" × "The Sherwood Taipei" Media gathered to be active in each country! Social gathering the cherry bloom!


To welcome the guests from abroad. "Guest House in Japan"As、In the Tokyo Hibiya、
As Japan's first full-fledged Western-style hotel1890/11/3 in the opened "IMPERIAL HOTEL"。
The other day、Become the main middle 2nd Banquet Hall "HIKARI Room"In the、
Held every yearImperial HotelSponsored by "Media Social Gathering"Was held.


Marys at the front desk receptionist、In the waiting area while wait until opening time。
On this day、Numerous TV and magazine、Be active in global newspapers
All media representatives has become a social gathering that about 180 people.


Imperial HotelAnd is connected to partnerships with Taiwan capital, Taipei's leading first-class hotel
"The Sherwood Taipei"And this event as the host、
I am withWEB Magazine ladeThe、Sherwood TaipeiFrom the received invitation。
Last year in 201525th anniversaryWas greetedSherwood TaipeiOf that come together with its history
"Famous GM"IsAchim V. HakeAnd the joy of was able to reunite.

The lastMr.AchimClick the URL below is the article content!
"The Sherwood Taipei" specialties GM! Achim V Hake is engaged long from open initially


Imperial HotelOf Public relationsIto ChinatsuIs it a received will greetings!


Whiting spaces slowly began to gather guest、Born place。


Champagne Welcome drink "POMMERY Brut Royal"Provides a。
Innovative champanmezonPommeryThe、Creating the world's first dry champagne、And it is loved around the world、
Fresh and delicate bubbles、Beautiful yellow with green light、Delicate, mellow fragrance was characterized by、
A light palatable balance of fun and elegant soft feeling sour fruit flavors.


Sherwood TaipeiThe General Manager is to enableAchim V. HakeThan、
Imperial HotelThe Director of International Public Relations in
Ignatius CroninAnd I was introduced。
IgnatiusMr. a、Born in San Francisco.、From Japan in more than 50 years、
A nice gentleman very fluent Japan language spoken.


"METROPOLIS"The Chief Executive Officer,Neil ButlerMr. a、
In Australia、It is a gentle gentleman is active over 30 years mainly in Japan and Asia。
Go there、United Kingdom Madam to the atmosphere in an instant and alters the less beautiful and lovely!
Madame is travel around the world "Which is your favorite country?"And he told us、
"I'm Japan!"And with a very nice smile and quietly spoke to us!
And with difficult flavor to the country will be able to see the world from only、Exactly what this is!


Galaxy Navigator and? "HIKARI Room"Is social media open!


In the middle of the opening、And ahead of spring、Welcome in the cherry blossom flower arrangement:。
A central counter started.、Venue provided by the catering style
Will be buffet-style buffet party!


Imperial HotelThe、Last year2015/11 in125 anniversaryGreeted、
2016/3Until the opening 125 anniversary commemoration period and、In all parts of the hotel、The exhibition is held。
To celebrate the 125 anniversary logo、
Since opening、Piled up the encounter with the many guests that your life edge、
Guests each and every one from heart attack、Each and every one of the face in mind、Hope to meet you again、As the heart tie
"Greet in hearts、Between the minds (Hospitality from heart to heart)"Is represented by a Ribbon tied to the theme.


On the stage of the venue、And classical piano music、An elegant time.


Echoed the tone of the violin from the balcony at the top of the venue、
Melody and piano Duet、Solid feel like falling beautiful tone to the whole Hall.


Imperial HotelThe hotel business management, public relations managerAkitaka MinakataIs it from opening。


Followed by、Imperial HotelThe in Tokyo, President & General Manager (President and General Manager)
Hideya SadayasuIs it more there greetings。

Has played the role of a guest house in JapanImperial HotelThe、Now that celebrates the 125 anniversary、
My big goal、In the summer season will be held in Tokyo in the Olympic and Paralympic marks by the year 2020、
Continue the 130 anniversary milestone、The next 5 year period、At a very critical time and is based on、
Are important challenges that greet foreign tourists will increase。
For that、Was able to improve the quality of even better service to contact you。


Sherwood TaipeiThe General Manager is to enableAchim V. HakeThan、
Imperial HotelWith partnerships towards、He said enthusiasm for the future。

Imperial HotelMarks 125th anniversary、Sherwood TaipeiAnd celebrate 25th anniversary、
Both hotels celebrates milestone with one another、
Combining culture and Western-style service、High-dimensional "Hospitality"In addition to the direction、
With both domestic and foreign guests to greet the mission、
And the customer base of customers、Both hotels had many things in common。
In that possess both hotel services and information to share、
And the mutual brand power、Profit improvement、And、As well as reinforce the dissemination of information to the media in Japan and Taiwan、
Is considered to have great benefits to each other、This time、First Alliance events。
From summer through to autumn、Imperial Hotel, Tokyo, Osaka、Sherwood TaipeiAnd、
In each restaurant、Announced to be held collaborative events。


Within the venue、Each medium of Exchange as crowded with show、With the opening of the glamorous parties.
Next in line、Is the introduction of colored people 交waseta the greeting at the reception and party buffet.

Location:1-1-1, uchisaiwai-Cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Private accommodation bookings (Reservations) TEL:03-3504-1251

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