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"Imperial Hotel" Special floor Imperial rooms of floor with take the dignity certain beauty and functionality



Opened in 1890 (0/1890) since the、Internationally, its reputation "IMPERIAL HOTEL"The rooms are、
570 rooms in the main building and the newly built Tower House 361 rooms, luxuriously furnished and equipped rooms 931 total。
Building 14-16 special floor "Imperial Floor"The、Suitable for special guests、
The beauty and functionality with features take、Provides best relaxation!


"Imperial Floor"The、
And are staffed by dedicated floors of guest attendant、Responded to various requests、
Attentive service is provided。
(Response time:7:30To 22:00-
And both dressing yourself is active as a guest attendant staff、
Kimono and 着konasa as a uniform and、He welcomed in a nice dress!


In the elevator Hall equipped for card security en trance、In Circular Quay entrance。
There is a special floor、Security has been enhanced、Privacy is protected and safe and enjoy!


The pursuit of comfort "Imperial Floor"1565 room on the 15th floor
"Deluxe"We will let visitors!


15F 1565 - room "Deluxe"

Imperial floor of the main building "Deluxe"The、42M² with pride、
British designerJulian ReedAssumes the total coordination、
Offers functional and comfortable space was cozy with classic, elegant interior.


To pursue good sleep、Imperial HotelDeveloped a unique original bedding
"Sleep works"The beds and duvets are used、Invites to sleep with soothing spring!


To your liking with a pillow、Such as hulls and low resistance type、7Choose the type of、Breakfast is excellent!
Poor blood circulation is、In that case feet designed electric anchor there examples in the past、
Whenever something is inconvenient、We recommend that you contact.


By the window、To provide a vantage point a work desk、Free Wi-Fi are equipped、Also suitable for business。
Equipped with sofa to relax and enjoy reading with Ottoman。
It is possible to spend relaxing and enjoying tea in a sofa set and coffee table.


As a part of the Interior and is housed and 37 inches TV、
In the drawer、Provides 2 coloring pajamas!


A variety of mini、The price of each, see Price table。
Mineral water and tea free of charge is available.


In the powder room、To enhance staff provides high-quality towels。
Equipped with bathroom shower area and bath tub integrated easy-to-use。
In one switch and adjust the temperature of your choice、Automatic hot water too hot can also、Excellent functionality。
Toilet with Washlet、And independent、Settles for line of sight have been interrupted in a frosted glass door.


The base item、Of natural plant extracts and Shiseido jointly developed "AYURA(AYURA)"The original bass amenity
(Shampoo, conditioner and body wash) has been adopted、
Is not for sale、We hear and appreciate a refreshing scent。
Profound sense of、The main building of a high-quality design、From its serenely、
Relatively elderly people is so popular。
Now、Next in line、You can recommend it to young people "Imperial Hotel Tower Hotel IMPERIAL TOWER"Of the 30-31st floor
A special "Premium Tower Floor"The rooms would you like here!

Location:1-1-1, uchisaiwai-Cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Private accommodation bookings (Reservations) TEL:03-3504-1251

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"Imperial Hotel" spend an elegant time along with the green location in a top-floor restaurant and bar "Imperial Hotel" Premium Tower floor was born as a special floor in the adjacent Imperial Tower !
"Imperial Hotel" spend an elegant time along with the green location in a top-floor restaurant and bar
"Imperial Hotel" Premium Tower floor was born as a special floor in the adjacent Imperial Tower !


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